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Apparently I’ve been on a bit of a printables kick lately, and today’s no different. I’m back with another printable that’s perfect for class Valentine’s Day parties. This one is a spin on a traditional matching game, but with a twist that’s perfect for third grade math.Multiplication Matching GameWarning: I’m stepping onto my Common Core soapbox for a moment, so skip this bit if you’re not in the mood for a rant. But I find it distressing that in this curriculum the students aren’t even encouraged to memorize their basic facts. The kids have just a brief introduction to such a vast array of concepts, without committing some of the basics to memory. My son knows about fifty ways to solve one equation, but flash cards? Nope. Not once have we been told that he needs to memorize his times tables. Rubbish, I say. So I stuck it to the man and made some good old-fashioned flash cards.

And while I was at it, I made a little Valentine’s multiplication matching game, too. Because basic math doesn’t have to be all about “division strategies” and “algebraic thinking” and “rectangular arrays.” Hogwash. We’re just going to memorize the damn things and be done with it. OK, sorry. Rant over. But truly, I could go for days, so get in touch if you want to commiserate with me on the Common Core. 

Anyway, this multiplication matching game would be a great way to sneak a little learning into the class party. Or you could make your own version to fit whatever your students have been working on lately; this could be great with irregular verbs (past/present), or singular/plural nouns, subtraction, division, etc. If you want this multiplication set, you can download it for free here

Matching GameAnd for my preschooler, I simply cut apart two of my bingo cards from yesterday’s post and we’ve had such a fun time playing this Valentine’s matching game. This would work great with any other printable bingo games out there, too. It’s great when you get two games for the price of one! Definitely make sure you print them on heavy card stock so you can’t see through them; and if you’re feeling extra ambitious, laminate these little guys for extra durability. 

There you have it! Two matching games and a rant on the Common Core. I’m back tomorrow with a little less ranting, and a little more Valentine’s Day fun. xo

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