The Wreath Recipe Book

I’m so excited about today’s post. I’ve been giddy about this since my buddies at Artisan Books told me that they had a new DIY wreath book in the works. The book features recipes for each season, that are so approachable and easy to make. And the book is here just in time to make our holiday table settings and home decor extra awesome.

Wreath Recipe BookThey sent me a copy of the book to look at, and I couldn’t help but try out a few of the projects. These projects were so much fun, and so simple that Charlotte joined me in the fun. Take a look at our creations inspired by the Wreath Recipe Book.

LeavesWe started simple with these easy stitched leaves. Hunting for leaves was half of the fun. It’s getting a bit late in the season to find a huge array of colorful leaves, but we gave it our best shot. The process *may* have involved me driving really close to trees in the neighborhood, rolling down the window and Charlotte grabbing a handful of leaves as we rolled  by. I realize we could have pulled out the wagon and taken a nature walk, but A) it was cold, and B) it was really fun driving around and giggling while we cased the neighborhood for leaves. 

Stitched LeavesI also know that teaching my five-year-old to do drive-by leaf grabbings is not the most upstanding activity. I rationalize it by telling myself that we’re actually helping everyone by taking their leaves. Seriously, if any of you want to come clean off my trees, it’ll save me a lot of raking in a day or two. Help yourselves.

Stitched Leaf Place SettingI just love the simplicity of this project; by layering the leaves like this, the variations in color stand out so much more. It’s a brilliant project, and I wish I’d thought of it myself. I’ve really had a moment incorporating leaves into place settings lately, so of course, I had to add this project into a place setting, too. What do you think? Do you like this more casual look, or are you into the more glitzy metallic leaves?

Mini BouquetsThe next project we tried are these adorable mini-bouquets. This was Charlotte’s favorite (second only to the leaf-snatching episode, of course). We just took apart a couple inexpensive Trader Joe’s bouquets, reconfigured them into mini bouquets and tied a ribbon around them. These would be spectacular at individual place settings, perched atop the napkin, or put your bud vase collection to use and make a sweet little centerpiece out of them. Either way, they’re darling, and they add some variety to the traditional Thanksgiving color palette.

FloralThis next one is actually meant to be a wreath-type hanging, for a front door or a wall, etc. It’s more of a “spray” than a wreath, however, and my front door is in serious need of a makeover. So for purposes of this photo, I just stuck it in a vase so I wouldn’t have to torture you with my peeling, weathered front door. 

ArrangementI snapped a dead branch off of one of our aspen trees, and wired some greens and some little blooms to it. I love the freeform shape it took with the branch. These projects are so much fun; and even though they don’t last very long, they make a great addition to any party or holiday celebration. We made all of these projects in about an hour, so they’re quite realistic to throw together before your next dinner party. 

So thanks, Artisan Books, for inspiring a whole bunch of great projects. I’m sure we’ll have fun with this book each and every season. Pick up a copy if you want to check out some of the other projects; or give one to a friend. It would make an excellent hostess gift. 

Now I’m off to celebrate my birthday. This is the last year I’m closer to 30 than 40, so I’d better live it up. Have a great day!

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