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When I first posted my laundry room makeover I promised to share some of my favorite organizational items with you. And then I got distracted by flowers and sprinkles and stuff. So let’s get back to business. Organizing.

PencilsI’m happy to say that my laundry room is still clean! It’s only been two months; but that’s a personal record! Admittedly, it’s not picture perfect; but definitely presentable. I think I’ve been able to keep it clean because everything has a specific place, so nothing gets piled up waiting for a home. Also, I may have threatened to cry if anybody messed up my hard work. Nobody here likes a mommy meltdown, so they’ve been pretty good at staying out of my junk.

BasketFirst I started by using things I have around the house. Baskets are perfect for corralling large, awkward, or frequently-used items. I have loads of Mason jars, so they’re a great (free!) option for containing everything from pencils to spare change. 

BeadsTricky bits require specific solutions. Like beads. I’ve struggled for years to find an effective way to organize my jewelry supplies. I’ve tried ziploc bags, trays, clear tubes, everything. I finally realized it was worth spending the time and money to put them in these divided hobby organizers. It makes everything easy to find and easy to put away.

Ribbon DrawerMy ribbon drawer is another one of those odd spaces that needed a special solution. I found these handy drawer dividers that you can cut to fit the size of your drawers. 

My theory is that you earn bonus points for incorporating storage into your decor. The spinning hardware caddy is fun to look at, and perfect for odds and ends that are too cute to hide in a drawer. This card catalog is so fun and colorful; all whilst being incredibly functional. It houses all the things that are a little less fun to look at, but really important: rubber bands, pins, clips, magnets, etc. Counter topTaking on a whole room organization project can be super overwhelming. I almost quit several times; but realized I may never get back to this project again, so I spurred myself onward with lots of Diet Coke and jelly beans. I mapped out each drawer and cabinet in the laundry room and decided WHAT it would hold and HOW I wanted it to function. After I made a game plan, finding products to organize the space became so much easier. Here are a few of my current favorite organizing products:

Storage SolutionsHere’s a quick guide for your shopping convenience:

  1. Stoneware Canister: These look great on the countertop, but also provide great organization in cabinets or on shelves.
  2. Acrylic Drawer Organizers: These are great for corralling all the little bits and pieces you need to keep at arms’ reach. 
  3. Color Reference Drawers: I’ve been singing their praises since the day we met. Love everything about them. I should probably have one in every room of the house.
  4. Cubby Cups: I use this for my marker collection, and it changed my life. It holds everything at the perfect angle so you can see each and every item. Plus, you can sit it on a shelf or mount it on the wall. I can see this working really well in the kitchen, too. 
  5. I Could Have Been An Art Caddy: For some of those items that never get put away, you gotta have stylish storage. I can actually handle keeping the kids’ crayons out on the kitchen table now since they’re in this cute bin.
  6. Stackable Compartments: Opaque storage is great for all those functional not-so-pretty items.
  7. Letter Holder: So many papers. Keep them all in their place with a colorful keeper.
  8. Glass House Shelf: How cool is this? I need it in my life immediately. Wall shelves are such a great way to add storage when your counter or cabinet space is limited.
  9. Magazine File: These are my favorite magazine files around. And they keep everything nice and tidy while adding some color to your shelves. 
  10. Perfect Pitch Storage Caddy: I use this for paint brushes and scissors; but I think it would be great in the bathroom for makeup and hair brushes.
  11. Rotating Organizer: This one is similar to mine. It would also be great for cosmetics or in the kitchen.
  12. Cube Bins: I love these. I have them in every room of the house. They’re great for mismatched socks; toys; and sports gear.

I’ve got a few more rooms that could use some organizing accessories. Maybe I’ll get in an organizing mood again soon. Happy Spring Cleaning!

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