Stitched Ghost Napkins

Stitched Ghost Napkin

For my Friday Favorites post this week, I wanted to take it all the way back to 2009 when I made a little embroidered ghost onesie for my own Halloween baby. This time, I took the same ghost, added some wiggle eyes and put it on some dinner napkins. It was a really simple project. I made an entire set one night while catching up on my DVR queue.

Stitched Ghost Napkin Supplies

Want to make some embroidered ghost napkins? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • ghost pattern – draw a ghost on paper, and cut it out.
  • white chalk
  • small embroidery hoop
  • white embroidery floss + needle
  • scissors
  • black dinner napkins
  • wiggle eyes with shanks

Chalk Outline - Stitched Ghost NapkinsStep 1: Cut out the ghost pattern, and place it in the desired location on the napkin. Trace around it with chalk. Don’t worry about perfection. Ghosts are supposed to be a little wonky, right?

Stitched Ghost Napkins | Christina WilliamsStep 2: Secure your embroidery hoop around the ghost and get started. Follow the INSIDE of the ghost tracing for the most accurate pattern.

Note: I was going for uneven stitches for several reasons: 1) ghosts aren’t supposed to be serious and 2) I’m a little rusty and this is the best I could do. Although, if I weren’t riveted to the latest episode of New Girl, maybe my attention to detail may have been a bit better. So maybe we should just call these “stitched” ghost napkins rather than “embroidered” ghost napkins because that needlework is a travesty and really shouldn’t be called “embroidery” under any circumstances.

Stitched Ghost Napkins | Christina WilliamsStep 3: Attach the wiggle eyes. Just plop ’em on there and sew ’em down.

Step 4: Freehand a mouth. Don’t be afraid, just go for it. Unless your stitching is better than mine (likely) and then you can probably come up with something better. However you do it, just make a mouth. Or don’t. They’d be cute without a mouth, too.

After you’ve tied off your floss, use a damp cloth and dab off the chalk from the ghost outline. Or wash them. I’m not that confident in my stitching skills. I’m certain I’d end up with a pile of string and some wiggly eyes laying in the bottom of the washing machine, so I’m not going to risk it.

I think these would make an adorable hostess gift, or maybe even a cute way to “BOO” your neighbors…a fun alternative to delivering sweets. So there you have it! A set of goofy stitched ghost napkins for all your Halloween dining needs.

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