Secret Message Valentines

Secret Message ValentinesFor this week’s Friday Favorite post, I’m leaving you with one of my most favorite Valentine Projects of all time. These secret message Valentines are quick, easy and always induce gasps and squeals of delight from the kids as their secret messages magically appear. 

Just cut white paper into hearts and write a secret message with a white crayon. Press hard…it resists the paint easier. Then simply turn the kids loose with their watercolors and wait for them to be amazed. We’ve done these every year for several years now, and it’s still one of the most-requested art projects at our house. 

One year, I even pulled this off as part of a class party at our elementary school. It took a little planning, but it was so worth it. I sent a manilla envelope home with each student. Inside the envelope was a letter explaining the project, a paper heart and a white crayon. I asked the parents to write a message for their student, and seal the heart back in the envelope and return it to school. 

The day of the class party, the kids went around to stations. When they go to the art station, they were so excited to have a love note from home. It was a really fun, memorable part of their party.

Anyway, I’ve got loads of Valentine projects coming up next week, so stick around. If you’re looking for more fun this weekend, take a look at my DIY + Craft archives, or my Kids + Family category. Have a  great weekend!

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