Scroll Love Letters

ScrollsThe kids and I have had a lot of fun playing around with long strips of calculator paper lately. It’s perfect for simple Valentine crafts. We’ve been writing love letters and drawing silly pictures for days. We’ve made beauty queen sashes, and wigs; shopping lists and bracelets out of it. It doesn’t get old; and it’s especially fun to find little rolled up scrolls in our Valentine mail boxes. 

Valentine ScrollsThe long strips of paper turned out to be perfect for the 10 Things I Love About You letter, from the 14 Days of Love list. It also makes a fun little lunchbox note. Or if you’re hosting a Valentine’s party, you could use them as place cards, or menus at the place settings. 

Valentine BannersI decided to turn a few of them into little banners for a Photo Booth. I just cut some paper straws in half and taped them to the ends to make little “handles.” 

Valentine Photo BoothMy kids aren’t the most cooperative when I say “Hey guys! I need you for some pictures.” They usually groan and/or run for cover. So this is the best I got of them, but it’s pretty indicative of their personalities, and I love them for it.

No matter how you use them, these little scrolls are sure to be a hit with your kids for Valentine’s Day. And even though they weren’t very excited about posing for a photo; this is one I’m going to treasure forever. 

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