Printable School Labels

School starts next week. This is the first time in my parenting career that I’m not anxiously awaiting the end of summer. It’s been a really fun summer, and I’ve truly enjoyed the small people that give me zero personal space. This little darlin’ is headed for kindergarten and I’m not emotionally ready for it. But don’t tell her I said so. She’s feeling a bit nervous; and I have to keep my composure so I don’t freak her out. My pals at The Land of Nod sent over this adorable unicorn backpack to help send her off in style.
BackpackOver the years, I’ve sent kids to school in three different states. And I’ve learned a few tricks to keep things (somewhat) organized on the home front once the school bell rings and the papers start piling up. You can see my whole school year organization guide over at Honest to Nod today. 

Printable School LabelsHere’s a sneak peak at one of my learned-the-hard-way tips: LABEL EVERYTHING! Somehow socks wander off, water bottles sprout legs and walk away and that super cool (literally!) insulated lunchbox gets left on the playground. The only way you even stand a chance is to slap a name + phone number all over the place. Sure, feel free to not label that awful pokemon hat; and then act surprised when it doesn’t make it home. I won’t tell anyone. 😉 But stick a label on the things you actually want to come home. 

Printable School LabelsI made these printable label sheets to make the job a little easier. Print them out on card stock, a full-page label sheet; or laminate them luggage tag style and attach them to everything. Get them in pink/orange, blue, or green/brown (for those Minecraft lovers out there). Be sure to stop by Honest to Nod today for more Back-to-School organizing inspiration. And I leave you with one more look at the cutest backpack ever made:Unicorn BackpackP.S. Backpacks and lunch boxes are 15% off until Monday…so go snag a magical backpack of your own, er, I mean for the kids.


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