Printable Cleaning Passport

Today I’m over at Honest to Nod sharing some ideas on how to make cleaning more fun for kids. What I really need, though, is a way to make cleaning more fun for me. One of my ideas is this cute little cleaning passport. There’s a page for each room in the house, and several bonus pages. Each time they do a chore in that room, they get a stamp in their passport. When the passports are full, they earn something. A fun outing (zoo, museum, movies), or an activity (game night, movie night, craft project)…something everyone can enjoy together. 
Printable Cleaning Passport

I’ve got a list of chores the kids can choose from for each room; and some days I get to choose for them if there’s something they’ve been avoiding. The bonus pages would be good to earn extra screen time or playdates, etc.

The passports come together pretty quick, using materials you have around the house. Here’s the tutorial:
Printable Cleaning PassportStep 1: Print out the inside sheets. Download the printable here, or click on the image above. When printing the inside sheets, only print the pages you want. I left some blank so you can write in the rooms or areas you want to add to the passport.

Passport CoverStep 2: Print out the cover sheet. It’s page 1 in the download. I printed it on card stock so it’s a little more durable than regular printer paper. But anything you have handy will work. 

Printable Cleaning PassportStep 3: Now settle in with your favorite TV show and your best pair of scissors. Cut as many pages as you want, and the cover along the faint gray lines. Or use a paper cutter. That’ll speed things up a bit. 

Printable Cleaning PassportsStep 4: Fold the cover in half, and sandwich the pages into the fold.
Cleaning Passports

 Step 5: Staple the book in two places to create  “binding” and you’re all set. 

Now hop over to Honest to Nod, where I’m spouting off about how to make cleaning more fun; and I’ve rounded up a bunch of other fun cleaning resources, and chore charts to get everyone working together.

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