Painted Ring Dishes

Ring Dishes. Trinket Trays. Whatever you call them, they’re awesome. Without them, I lose earrings constantly. But put a ring dish in my closet and I can totally manage. I came up with a bunch of different designs and ideas for DIY Mother’s Day ring dishes as part of my collaboration with Land of Nod and Paper Source. All of these projects can be completed quickly, and with just a few supplies. The kids can totally help; and giving mom and grandma a gift they’ll actually use is almost as fun as doing these projects.Jewelry DishesI picked up an assortment of small ceramic dishes at a variety of places. IKEA, World Market, Target are some of my favorites. If you’re in Utah, I love Tai Pan Trading for basic white dishes. I made the simple, gold-rimmed dish (above) by following the same steps as the glitter-embossed planters I shared yesterday. The only differences are that I used plain gold embossing powder rather than the glittered variety, and I didn’t use painter’s tape. I just tapped the ink pad on the rim of the plate, and then proceeded with embossing. See this tutorial for more in depth details. You can catch the tutorial for the cherry blossom dishes over on Honest to Nod today.
Mother's Day Ring DishesThe kids and I had so much fun with this project that we made a whole gaggle of trinket dishes. This is just a fraction of our creations. My three-year-old painted the square one at the top right. Then I turned my back and he added some glitter. I think he’s in the right family. My five-year-old painted the cute pink and red polka-dot dish. She dipped her fingers into the paint and polka-dotted away. I did the longer, more wispy painted dish; although, I like the kids artwork so much better. 

We used Martha Stewart’s craft paint. It’s really the best stuff out there. Just make sure the dishes are clean and dry, then paint away. The best part about using acrylic paint is that if you hate your painting, you can wash it off and start again. Once you’re happy with your creation, let the paint dry for a couple hours, then seal it with the Martha Stewart clear gloss decoupage. I’ve waxed poetic about it once before; so read this post if you want to know why it’s so great. Definitely, though, the longer you let it dry, the better. DIY Jewelry DishMy personal favorite: the glitter-dipped trinket tray. I mentioned yesterday that I’d be embossing everything in glitter. I wasn’t joking. You can catch the full tutorial over on Honest to Nod today. It’s very similar to the planters from yesterday, but it’s a little trickier to get into the corners.

Ring DishesThis marbled paper from Paper Source is so gorgeous in person. It’s got a great texture, and is a little translucent, so it works great on the dishes. The print is so refined and classy–very much unlike myself. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. Opposites attract and all. I’m a huge fan. This tutorial is also over on Honest to Nod today…so don’t miss it! 

The possibilities are endless. You could also grab a metallic sharpie and write a cute/funny/inspiring message on the dish, then seal it up with some decoupage. Or use some of your kids’ artwork instead of wrapping paper so grandma can look at those darling drawings every day, without having to find more space on her fridge. 

Thanks to Paper Source for supplying the materials for this project! This was part of the Mother’s Day collaboration between Land of Nod & Paper Source, so these supplies were given to me with the intention of sharing them at Honest to Nod; but some of the goods made their way onto my blog. Just thought you’d like to know how it all played out. Definitely hop over to Honest to Nod for some of the other easy Mother’s Day projects we’ve created lately. 

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