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Plant Tray

Spring gifting season is here. Mother’s Day, Graduations, Teacher Appreciation, Bridal Showers…it’s all happening in the next month. I’ve got a quick, inexpensive and adorable project you can do to stay on top of all your gifting occasions this spring. Whip up a batch of these simple painted pots over a weekend and keep a stash so you’re always prepared. Or turn the kids loose painting pots for Grandma. She’ll love it!

Painted pot supplies

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Ceramic Container (I stock up on plain white ceramic containers at restaurant supply stores, Target, World Market, etc.). This pot came from my local favorite Tai Pan Trading. I got two of them for $1.99!
  • Foam Brush
  • Paint Brush
  • Craft Paint (I really love the line of Martha Stewart Paints. Great color choices and a really smooth, even finish, as opposed to other craft paints that have more of a chalky feel to them. 
  • Martha Stewart Decoupage definitely get the multi-surface durable gloss finish for this project. It’s top-rack dishwasher safe; and dries hard and crystal clear. (p.s. this isn’t a sponsored post…I just really like this stuff.)

PaintingMake sure your pot is clean and dry, then start painting. I like to freehand and see what happens. If you seriously mess-up, you can wash it right off, so just keep trying till you love it. Now let it dry (give it an hour or so). When it’s nice and dry, grab your foam brush and the decoupage. Apply a nice, even layer and let this one dry overnight. The decoupage technically takes 28 days to fully cure, but with a flower pot, I don’t think it’s too critical. If you’re making dishes you’ll actually be serving/eating from, then definitely give it the full 28 days. But since flower pots just kind of sit there, I think we’re good taking a little shortcut.

Yellow PotNow grab a houseplant and put it in it’s place. I have a grouping of these pretty little pots in my living room right now, and they’re so springy and happy. These make fantastic (and inexpensive!) gifts for Mother’s Day or teacher appreciation day. Plus, when the plants meet their untimely demise (as they always do in my care) the pots make cute pencil cups. 

Potted PlantsDefinitely check back in Monday because I’m showing you how to make these fun glitter-dipped succulent planters. Raid your scrapbooking stash, because you’ll never believe what I used to make them! 

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