A Mini Home Tour + An Announcement

Home Tour - WelcomeWhen we bought this house four years ago, I sincerely thought this was IT. Our final destination. I poured my heart and soul into turing this house into my dream home. But life has a funny way of showing you who’s boss. A couple months ago, opportunity came knocking and we answered. Our family is headed to Denver, CO later this year, to begin a new adventure. I’m excited and sad and scared and happy all at the same time. Salt Lake City has been so good to us, It will definitely be hard to leave. Not to mention that we’ve lived in this house longer than any other we’ve lived in, so this house will forever hold a special place in my heart when I think of “home.” Colorful Living RoomNow that we’ve got the house on the market (you can find the listing here; and we have an open house on Saturday. Please come!) I’m feeling nostalgic about all the projects we’ve done over the last four years. Most of these were done just for us. I didn’t really take “before” photos, because I never really intended to share them. They were just things you do when you own a home. But I treasure all the photos I’ve taken of all the homes we’ve lived in; so I couldn’t resist the chance to snap and share a little home tour with you. Home Tour - Living RoomWhen we bought the house four years ago, the whole thing was very brown and very heavy. Making things more light and airy was my main goal. The floor plan is great, and there’s a ton of natural light in the house, but it got lost with all the heavy textures and wood throughout. Colorful StaircaseI’ve painted nearly every surface in this house. The stairway makeover is still one of my favorite projects ever. I’ll share the before and after + the products I used in another post next week. 


Home Tour - BookshelvesStyling our bookshelves for the listing was honestly one of the most stressful bits for me. We have SO many books, but all those varying colors and heights can be really overwhelming. Even though this look isn’t very functional or realistic, I still love the way it turned out. I don’t have a lot of knickknacks; so I got a couple bonus shopping trips in to buy props to fill our shelves. 

Home Tour - Family RoomI usually decorate with a lot of color, but I tried to tone things down a bit in our main living space. I didnt’ really have a plan for this area when I started, but I’ve had my heart set on owning this painting for years, and everything else kind of fell into place around the artwork.

Fireplace Makeover

After several trips to specialty tile shops, and running all over the valley, I nearly had a nervous breakdown in the middle of the Home Depot tile section when I was under a big time crunch to choose tile. But I’m so glad I held it together and I’m even more glad I chose this tile. 
Home Tour - KitchenI have a lot, A LOT, of opinions on painting kitchen cabinets, and I’ll also be sharing them in a separate post next week. But as for this kitchen, the only thing I’d do differently, is having the cabinets painted sooner. And the backsplash. But I ran out of time and didn’t want to pick something the new homeowners would hate.  Home Tour - Kitchen Home Tour - Kitchen So there’s the first bit of my home tour! I’ll be sharing the bedrooms and the basement next week, as well as sharing before/after pics of the makeovers we did and lots of my favorite tools and products I’ve used throughout the process. Home Tour - Puppy

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