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Can you believe it’s August?!? The smell of new notebooks and pencil shavings is in the air! My friends at Wayfair wanted to know how we make mornings manageable around here. To be honest, most mornings are chaotic at best. It’s a scramble to find matching shoes, backpacks and last night’s homework assignment. It’s not for the lack of trying. I really, really try to be organized. But it’s not my special talent. I do have a few key tricks that make our mornings a little less crazy. 

Wall HooksHooks:  My home is made up of an intricate system of hooks; that at least make me feel more organized. Each kid has a couple hooks in their closets so they can hang up coats and jackets without needing help to reach the closet rod. Plus, if it needs a hanger, you bet your buttons it’s gonna land on the floor. The hooks work like magic. And we can usually find our coats/jackets in the early morning scramble. (photo from Wayfair. Trust me, you do NOT want to see the inside of my kids’ closets.)

We also use hooks for backpacks. Each kid has one in the coat closet. Then they’re not running around looking under beds, or in the office for their casually-discarded backpack in the morning. Look on the hook. Works every time. Almost.

Snack Basket

The Snack Basket: We have a special thing in our pantry called “the snack basket.” I keep all the pre-packaged snacks in the basket. It keeps them from being scattered all over the floor or the pantry. And I can easily keep track of our snack inventory by looking in the basket. I’ve been fooled too many times by an empty box sitting on the shelf. My kids’ school requires that the kids bring a healthy snack for recess, since sometimes it can be a long time until lunch. So as we’re loading backpacks in the morning, the snack basket plays an important role. It’s also great for after school snacks. The kids know which snacks are allowed after school, so they’re not tearing into a bag of oreos. 

File Folders

The Important Paper Folder:  I keep a simple file folder in the kitchen with each kid’s name on it. When they bring home important papers from school (like special project instructions, flash cards, permission slips, etc.) they go directly into the folder. Then when it’s time to work on the science fair project, or pass off our sight words we know exactly where to find the corresponding paper. It’s a really simple, not-so-glamorous system, but it’s saved me hours of sifting through the piles of paper that come home every day. 

Late Notes

A Sense of Humor:  When all else fails, at least make the attendance clerk laugh. There are
going to be bad mornings. There are going to be days when your kindergartener cannot find ANYTHING to wear; or days when your carpool driver hit the snooze button a few too many times. It’s really hard to keep your cool when things don’t go as planned; but I’ve learned that if I freak out before school, my kids are more likely to have a rough day. So even on those rough days, if you can send them out the door with a smile, I’d call it a win! 

Here are a few more of my favorite Wayfair items that can help make mornings less crazy: Mornings-01

Desk | Alarm Clock | Wall Hooks | Wall File | Shoe Storage | Calendar | Bench | Bakset

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