Juice Box Monster Tutorial

Juice Box Monster

I’ve seen mummies made out of juice boxes, and this is my version of a juice box creature. These fuzzy friends make such a fun addition to lunch boxes during Halloween, or any time! I made these cutie pies for Charlotte’s monster birthday party one year, and my kids request them all the time. They’re so simple it’s silly…but here’s a quick tutorial for all your juice box monster-making needs.

All you need is a pack of crinkle paper, a giant wiggle eye, a hot glue gun and some juice boxes (extra points if the color of the juice box is similar to that of the crinkle paper…then bald spots aren’t as obvious.

Juice Box Monster2

Step 1: While the glue gun warms up, remove the straw and set aside.

Step 2: Working in 1 inch sections, spread hot glue on the front of the juice box, and press in a clump of crinkle paper. Work until the front surface of the juice box is covered. (NOTE: leave the bottom and a space around the straw opening uncovered). Move onto the sides and back. Work until all sides are covered. Except for the bottom…unless you want a wobbly juice box. And nobody wants a wobbly juice box.

Monster Juice Boxes

Step 3: Monster grooming. Gently comb through those luscious locks with your fingers, pulling out loose ‘hairs’ so they don’t shed all over your party. Then trim any unruly/overgrown sections until you’ve achieved the desired look. My kids love to help when it’s monster hair cutting time. Grab the kid scissors and get snipping!

Step 4: Glue on the eyeball.

Done. Now make a whole brood of them and drink up!

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