Easy Holiday Gift Tags

My friends at JAM Paper + Envelope sent over a few of their simple, colorful hang tags for me to play around with while I work on wrapping my gifts this year. I love starting with a basic material and rummaging around in my craft heap to see what I can put together. For this project, I came up with four different ways you can use simple tags without a trip to the craft store…because we all know what a pain that is this time of year.

Glitter-Dipped TagsFor the first set of tags I created a simple glitter-dipped look. On the pink one I used glitter tape; and for the other two, I used a scrap of glittered wrapping paper. The same look could be achieved with a little painter’s tape, some glue and regular old glitter. I also think this idea would be fun using paper doilies (maybe for Valentine’s Day?). 

Doodled TagsMy family’s been in a doodled-self portrait phase lately. We even used this concept for our Christmas card this year…stay tuned for the big reveal next week! But I think the idea is so much fun for gift tags. Simply grab your favorite marker and doodle a picture of the gift recipient on the tag. Personal, easy and adorable. Plus, this is one gift tag they probably won’t want to throw away. 

Gift Tag Address LabelI’m also in the middle of addressing my Christmas cards this week. Because I save everything for the last minute. It’s more of an adventure that way. But look what a fun little address label this red gift tag makes! And it’ll set your cards apart from all the rest. Look close: here’s a sneak peek of the back of our 2014 Christmas card.
Gift Tag PocketThis final idea is probably my favorite, and super, duper  easy. Just wrap your gifts in your favorite wrapping paper, and glue on a “pocket” out of card stock. Add some doodling and a label and you’re all set. I tried this idea with a bunch of different patterns, etc. and the most simple was my favorite. But just imagine all the possibilities for this one. You could even attach a gift card to the tag and slide it in the pocket. You can also swap out the original ties for something of your own. I used baker’s twine, but yarn or ribbon would be cute substitutions, too. 

I’m off to wrap more gifts, so have a great day!  And thanks to JAM Paper + Envelope for inspiring these fun, easy gift tags.

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  1. Alicia December 18, 2014

    I love all of these ideas Christina! The glittered gift tags are my favorite. I also love the gift wrap pocket you made. All so adorable. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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