DIY Erstwhile Necklace

I was so excited when House of Gems contacted me about teaming up with them for a jewelry tutorial. It’s been a while since I’ve done a jewelry project, and House of Gems has some of the best jewelry making supplies around, so it’s a perfect fit! I’ve had my eye on the Erstwhile Necklace from Anthrpologie for quite some time; but I can hardly justify buying jewelry anymore since I can make several necklaces for the price of buying one at the store. Plus, it’s fun. And much more pleasant than dragging my kids to the mall.
House of Gems 16

House of Gems sent me almost everything I needed for this necklace. I’ve got a real thing with copper right now, so I was excited to see that they have a really great selection of copper chain and findings.  I’ll denote the items House of Gems gave me in the supply list with an *. Everything else is linked to the source where I purchased them. Despite the number of steps, this is actually a really simple necklace to make with a few basic techniques.  Let’s get started!

Here’s what you’ll need:

House of Gems 18

Step 1: Cut your chain. Each chain needs to be a different length, so the necklace lays well. I prefer the thinnest chain on top, so it will be the shortest. Cut the thinnest chain 13″ and add about 1″ to each subsequent chain. So the middle strand will be 14″ and the outside one is 15″. You can always trim them down more if you don’t like how it looks when it’s connected.
House of Gems 17
Step 2: Connect all three strands to one of the 8 mm jump rings. Repeat on the other side. Pay close attention that the strands go on the jump rings in the same order, and that the chain isn’t twisted.

House of Gems 22

Step 3: Connect two of the large hammered circles to each of the jump rings. I used two to mimic the thicker loop on the original necklace. Set the whole thing aside while we turn our attention to the ribbon section.  

step 4
Step 4: Cut a length of ribbon (about 14″). Using the beading needle, thread 24-25 beads onto the ribbon. I was dreading this part, because I wasn’t sure how the ribbon would fit through the beads, but it was really easy. This specific ribbon and these beads were the perfect combination for this technique. 

House of Gems 12

Step 5: Divide the ribbon in half, and tie a knot. Make sure that about half the beads are on each side of the knot. Tie one more knot on top of the first…just to be safe. 

House of Gems 7
Step 6: Use the flat-nosed pliers to squeeze the ribbon clamp tight around the knot. Attach a small jump ring to the ribbon clamp, and attach it to the large hammered circle. 

House of Gems 13
Step 7: Now repeat on the other end of the ribbon. Tie the two loose ends together, attach a ribbon clamp, jump ring and now a trigger clasp. 

House of Gems 14

Step 8: Following steps 4-7, make another beaded ribbon and attach it to the other side of the necklace. The only difference is that you’ll use the last large jump ring instead of the trigger clasp at the end. 

House of Gems 5

Step 9: Now we’re making the bead clusters. So grab a bunch of head pins, the beads, wire cutters, and round-nosed pliers. Attach a bead to the head pin, trim it to size, make a simple loop and attach it to the upper section of the chain. Repeat with the different sizes of Amazonite beads and a few of the faceted glass beads to add some sparkle. Try to keep most of the beads in the upper 1″ section of chain.

House of Gems 3

Add beads to each side to suit your fancy. 

House of Gems 8
And we’re done! See, that was pretty easy. Now grab your extra supplies and make another for a friend. Special thanks to House of Gems for sending me the supplies for this project. I love how it turned out!

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