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Hey guys! I hope you had a fantastic Halloween weekend! I’m honestly kind of relieved it’s over. I’m finally catching up on my list of blog posts that have been on my to-do list for an embarrassingly long time…and this is one of them. Way back last spring, I showed you Hudson’s bedroom makeover, and promised a tutorial on the bulletin board I made for his room. And it’s finally here!
Bulletin Boards 6I love this project, because there are so many variations you can do with this simple technique. And it’s even a bit of an IKEA hack, to boot! I shopped around everywhere for the perfect bulletin board and couldn’t find anything that was the right size, and color, and in my price range. Sounds kind of like car shopping, huh? I knew I wanted something that would fit over his lego table, and something with a red frame. And from the beginning, I’d envisioned a map background. I realize I’m not the first person ever to put paper over a cork board, but I did this for the first time when I was a teenager and covered my bulletin board with some leftover wallpaper from my room. It was awesome.

Red Bulletin Board

Here’s a look at what I came up with for Hudson’s room. I searched high and low for the perfect frame. I even bought an old farmhouse window with the intention of converting it into a bulletin board; but that was way too complicated for my timetable. I felt like a genius when I remembered the big, cheap, light weight frames at IKEA, and it changed the entire direction of this project.

Bulletin Board 4

Want to make a bulletin board (or two) of your own? Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Picture frame (I like the NYTTJA from IKEA; because they’re super cheap and lightweight, and they come in a bunch of fun colors. 
  • Cork (I used a roll, because it fit the large frame; but cork sheets would work equally well if they fit your frame. 
  • Decorative paper (Just grab your favorite variety. I prefer the large wrapping sheets from Paper Source.)
  • Scissors

Bulletin Board 3

Step 1: Take the backing off the frame, and remove everything inside.
Use the plexiglass as a template and trace it onto the cork. Cut out your cork pieces and set aside. My cork was really thin, so I cut two pieces to layer together inside the frame. Do as many layers as will fit comfortably inside the frame.

Bulletin Board 1
Step 2: Trace the plexiglass onto the back of the paper. Cut it out. 

Bulletin Board2
Step 3: Now put it all inside the frame, with the paper facing the front of the frame, and attach the backing. This is a bit thicker than just one photograph inside the frame, so you’ll really have to squeeze those little metal clips. I use the back of a butter knife for a little more leverage.

Bulletin Board3
Ta Da! You’re the proud new owner of a fancy, custom bulletin board. Wasn’t that easy? Make a few more, while you’re at it. Or create an entire gallery of bulletin boards. I did: 

Bulletin Boards 1
Hang them up, and get pinning! I think this would make a fantastic “command center” by the back door. Everyone gets their own bulletin board to display their favorite drawings, that spectacular report card, or their latest parking ticket. 
Bulletin Boards 7

If you’re feeling fancy, you could swap out the paper for every season. Because we all need one more job to do, right?

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