Dining Room Makeover

Dining RoomToday’s post comes to you in the form of a bedtime story. Or a cautionary tale. You pick. On another note, this project took way longer than I anticipated, as do most “quick” house projects in my life; but there’s a whole lotta love in it. And a big thank you to my friends at Lamps Plus for giving me the chandelier* which started the domino effect. Now on to our story:

ChandelierIf you give a girl a chandelier,

Dining Roomshe’s going to need a new table to go with it. She’ll shop and shop and finally find THE ONE.

Dining RoomWhen the table arrives, she’ll realize it clashes with her old hutch. She loves the hutch and can’t bear to part with it. So she’ll paint it. 

Milk GlassShe’ll agonize over paint color, and choose gray because it’s perfect for displaying her milk glass collection. After all the hours of painting, she’ll want to sit down…

Dining Room…but she doesn’t have any chairs. So she’ll paint eight of them. When the chairs are done, she’ll sit down to try them out. She’ll see the paint on her hands and it will remind her of this great painting she saw:

Dining RoomThe painting will look great with her colorful chairs. So she orders it right away. 

Plate WallAfter she hangs the painting, she’ll stand back to admire it. She’ll notice a blank spot on the other side of the doorway. So she’ll start hanging plates. She’ll rearrange them over and over until they’re just right. 

Bar CartAll that rearranging will make her thirsty. She’ll set up a bar cart so she can get a drink. When she’s finished her drink; she’ll take the glass back into the kitchen.

Dining RoomWhen she walks into the kitchen, she’ll notice it’s not as bright and cheerful as the dining room. 

Jonathan Adler Rio


So she’ll stop what she’s doing and order a new light for the kitchen


Now that the bedtime story is over; let’s indulge in a little before and after, shall we? 

Dining Room BeforeBefore. This is from the real estate listing…but get a load of that heavy iron chandelier and those dark window shutters. And after:

Dining RoomSince I spent over 100 hours painting for this project (yes, I realize I’m a complete lunatic). Humor me by looking at a few more pictures:

Dining Room 5 Dining Room Detail Bar Cart Plate Wall2 Light

This room isn’t exactly like I’d mapped out originally; but that’s why I love it so much. Every time I start a room project, it takes on a life of its own. I’m giving myself a gold star for bravery since I only panicked once during the process. (When I thought I’d ruined the hutch). Now let’s give a big round of applause to Lamps Plus for having such great products; and for being so patient with my horrific turnaround time on this project. And another standing ovation to my husband who never complained about the chaos of my process; and who took the kids out to play while I painted and painted and painted. 

Now that this room is finished, let’s have a dinner party before I start another project! 

*Disclosure: Lamps Plus gave me the chandelier for this project. They are really really great to work with. I’m so thankful for wonderful companies who support my work. 



  1. Machelle September 4, 2015

    Christina! That table!! I love it all and all the colors (I support your painting lunacy!) but that table is so so gorgeous.

    • christina September 5, 2015

      Thanks, Machelle!!!

  2. Cheryl @ Artzzle September 7, 2015

    Very nice room. Love your color courage. What you do with the kitchen now, should be interesting!

  3. Elizabeth Cooper September 9, 2015

    Love everything you have done! Please let me know the colour of grey you used. I have been trying to choose a neutral grey foe my walls. Thanks bunches.

    • christina September 9, 2015

      Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for your kind words! The walls are Cashmere Gray by Benjamin Moore. Happy Painting!

  4. Sandra September 9, 2015

    Gorgeous room Christina! I wanted to paint my table white but my husband claimed that you would be able to see the mess the kids make even after cleaning. I think this is a happy medium. How did you do the table? Thanks 🙂

    • christina September 9, 2015

      Hi Sandra! Thanks!
      I actually bought the table as-is. It’s from a furniture store in Utah called Four Chairs. I know they can order one in for you; but I don’t know how much shipping costs or how long it takes. I have distressed other furniture before, though, so the process is similar. Paint it, beat it up a bit with a hammer/chain/etc., then sand through the paint in places until you get through to the bare wood. After you’ve achieved a look you like, then just use a top coat to seal it all up. The top coat I use on all my painted furniture is this one: https://generalfinishes.com/retail-products/water-base-top-coats-sanding-sealers/high-performance-polyurethane-topcoat#.VfCvqOlIaao . It has a great smooth finish to it, and it is really easy to clean. I have a couple white chairs I painted several years ago and they still look great, even though my kids try their hardest to destroy them. 😉 Have a great day!

  5. Ashlea October 21, 2015

    Lovely work on your dining room. My favorite bits are the table {loooooove} and the painting 😉 I too have paint all the things syndrome… with a brush no less. But I love the process too. Popped over from the Wayfair FB page to check out your pie recipe, and ended up poking around a bit!

    • christina October 26, 2015

      Hi Ashlea!
      Thanks for popping in! I’m glad to know I’m not alone in my paint-loving ways! 🙂

  6. Tracy April 25, 2017

    Hi there, love this look. What color red did you use for the chairs?

  7. Tracey November 3, 2017

    what brand and color paint are your chairs tia


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