Printable Classroom Valentines

Class Valentines. Here’s how it usually goes: I think I’m going to come up with something super cute and fun and pinterest-worthy. Then February hits and I still don’t have my crap together from the holidays. We run to Target the night before the class valentine party and grab whatever box of cheap character valentines is left. At this point, it’s slim pickings, so nobody’s happy. And don’t even get me started on trying to find Valentine’s Candy in the empty aisles at this point. 

Free Printable Class ValentinesA couple years ago, I found myself in a similar pinch when it came time to produce class valentines. I decided that I could make them as easily as we could buy them. So I came up with some punny candy-related cards, printed four to a page and we were done in half the time the tear-filled Target trip would have taken. The BEARY Sweet Valentine was one of my first. And it’s still a favorite. Because: Gold Bears. 

Free Printable Class ValentinesThese pop rocks valentines are fun because A) Pop Rocks are AWESOME and B) They’re not too sentimental, so they work great for the teens/tweens in your life.

Printable Minecraft ValentinesPlus, my kids get to help customize their class valentines, which makes the process even more fun! They can pick their favorite theme or favorite candy (or video game) and we come up with something around their chosen theme. It’s been so much fun designing class valentines with my kids, so we think it’s time to share with you! Naturally, my oldest chose Minecraft Valentines the first year we did this. And rock candy is pretty awesome. Don’t worry, though, on the printable version (linked above) I left the name off so you can add your own. 😉

Arrow Class ValentinesHere’s a simple arrow valentine. Just add any heart-shaped candy to the end of the arrow and you’re all set! There’s plenty of extra space on each valentine so your student can write to/from on the cards! 

Free Printable Class ValentinesThis one ended up being one of my favorites! Initially I planned on Lemonheads being the treat for this one; but after three trips to three different stores, we went with whatever sour candy we could find. Cry Babies and Sour Patch Kids worked perfectly! 

Sweet Valentine - Free PrintableAnd if sour isn’t your thing, here’s a perfectly sweet alternative. I kept this one pretty generic so you could use ANY kind of candy to go along with it. 

printable gem valentineMy daughter used this gem valentine for her preschool class valentines, and she still loves it. The preschool crowd goes nuts for Ring Pops, so this is a proven winner.

Printable Nerds Valentine

And who doesn’t love nerds?!? This Nerds Valentine is great without being overly sentimental. Just so, you know, you don’t make things awkward with your crush. 😉

So there you go! Hopefully you’ll find something here that will suit your class valentine needs! xoxo

Holiday Gift Guide: Teacher Gifts

Teacher Gifts I always leave teacher gifts to the last minute. But this year I’m sharing my top picks for easy teacher gifts with my friends at the Land of Nod. You can read all about it here. So guess who’s done with her teacher gifts early this year? This girl! Hip, Hip, Hooray! 

Printable tags for Teacher GiftsFor this post, I actually did some scientific research on what teachers actually like to receive for gifts. And by “scientific,” I mean I texted a handful of teacher friends to learn inside scoop on the best teacher gifts ever. 

Simple ideas for teacher giftsI was surprised when the results of my field study came back with a resounding answer. Teachers want practical gifts. I always knew teachers were awesome because they put up with our kids each and every day. But the fact that they like the same type of gifts I do makes my job that much easier! 

free printable tags for teacher giftsPractical Teacher Gifts are BEST!

My adorable sister-in-law is a 7th grade science teacher. First of all, let’s just give her a big standing ovation for that. But she gave me such a great tip for teacher gifts. She said that she loves cute, fun things she wouldn’t normally buy for herself. She suggested personalized note cards, stamps, stickers, fancy pens, etc. that come in handy for grading papers or writing notes to students and parents. I love this! Speaking of stamps, I found this awesome Facebook Like stamp (pictured below) online. You can get one here. But I think it would be an especially great gift for Middle and High School teachers.

teacher giftsOne of these darling teachers told me that teachers get so many soaps, lotions, treats and candies during the holidays. While they really love these things, they can really only use so many. My daughter’s  super cute first grade teacher mentioned that gift cards (even as small as $5) are really appreciated, as well as anything that can be used in the classroom. New books for the classroom library are always welcome; and the holidays hit about halfway through the year. So dry-erase markers, treasure box prizes and hand sanitizer are running low at this point in the year. 

Holiday Gift Guide: TeachersPrintable Gift Tags

Now that we know what types of items make great teacher gifts, let’s talk about presentation. This is the best part! I’ve created a set of cheerful Printable Teacher Gift Tags for you. Just download, print and cut. Then attach them to the gift(s) of your choice and you’re all set! 

Teacher GiftsGive a single item; or make a cute grouping of several items with the corresponding tags attached. Above, I’ve got a cute mint green tape dispenser, some assorted clips and a new set of grading pens. They look adorable together; and they’re USEFUL! You can’t go wrong here!

In addition to using these tags for teacher gifts, I think most of them could be used for co-workers, too! Have a great day!

Cherry Sweet

Classic Cherry Recipe CardsMy friends at Wayfair are celebrating National Cherry Month with a challenge. They challenged a bunch of us to share our favorite cherry recipes. The only problem is that I don’t incorporate cherries into recipes often enough. Or ever. Probably because every time I buy them, the kids eat them up before I can even think about cooking with them. 

CherrySweetBanner copy

There really is nothing better than sweet, fresh cherries. And since I don’t cook with them, I decided to celebrate them in printable form with some recipe cards and shopping lists.

Cherry Recipe CardsBecause I couldn’t decide, there are three different color ways for you to choose from. This one is called Cherry Blossom. I usually see cherries paired with a Swiss-dot pattern, so I tried to mix it up a bit and did a really light windowpane pattern in the background. Bonus: The gridlines will help keep your writing straight.

Chocolate Cherry Recipe CardsThis color is called Cherry Cola. P.S. How cute is that old Cherry Queen box? We found it in my Grandma’s house, and I just couldn’t throw it out. I love how the price is crossed out. It must have been a gift. 

Grocery List And this one is called Classic Cherry. Kind of your All-American cherry pairing sweet, red cherries and classic blue accents. Each color way comes with the recipe cards on one sheet and the meal planner/shopping list on the next. Just print what you want, and leave the other page(s) out. Download them here:

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Cola

Classic Cherry

Happy National Cherry Month!

Spooky Smoothies

Most Halloweens, I get to the end of the day and realize I haven’t eaten any real food all day. We even have a Halloween birthday in our family; and after all the candy, donuts and other sugar-related shenanigans, choking down that birthday cake nearly does me in every year. Spooky Smoothie BarSince Halloween is on a Saturday this year, I’m going to do a Spooky Smoothie bar for breakfast…so we can throw in a few fruits and vegetables before things get crazy. The kids and I gave the smoothie bar a test-run the other day. It was a hit! You can’t see it very well in the photo, but the “snake venom” is apple juice, and I put an eye-dropper in it so they could add some to their concoctions.
I pretty much raided the fridge + freezer for this, so here are the ingredients I used: 

  • Frozen Fog: ice cubes
  • Eye of Newt: grapes
  • Witch Fingernails: apple slices
  • Pickled Brains: frozen (pitted) cherries
  • Poison Ivy: spinach
  • Vampire Blood: cranberry juice
  • Slug Tails: frozen peaches
  • Swamp Slime: vanilla yogurt + food coloring
  • Hearts of Toad: sliced strawberries
  • Snake Venom: apple juice
  • Bat Droppings: blueberries

Spooky SmoothieI had a label for “mud” that was supposed to be Nutella; but it disappeared while I was setting up. You could label really any food with these labels and your kids will be grossed out. Mine loved it. I gave the kids a cup, they filled it up; and then I blended each smoothie individually. Then I poured it in a black cup with eyes glued onto it. Super quick and easy. 
Smoothie Order FormI decided to change things up a bit for the older kids, with a blind order form. (You can download it here). It’s a checklist of the ingredients, and they pick what goes into their smoothie without knowing what they’ll end up with. Bonus: you don’t have to make the table look pretty with labels and bowls, etc.–just pass out an order form and keep the ingredients in the fridge until you need them.

If you want the printable ingredient labels, they’re available over at Honest to Nod.

Happy Halloween! 

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