Colorful Kitchens

You guys know I’m not afraid of color by now, right?  So when my pals at Big Chill challenged me to design a kitchen around their fun, colorful kitchen appliances, I didn’t have to think twice. Naturally, I went overboard and did two kitchens instead of just one. 

When I think of colorful, retro-style kitchen appliances, the first thing that comes to mind are over-the-top retro kitchens that look like 50’s diners. I wanted to show that it’s possible incorporate a retro-styled appliance into a kitchen without it becoming a theme kitchen. Have a look at what I came up with:

Pink Lemonade KitchenThe first color I took on is pink lemonade. I don’t use much pink in my home, so I thought it would be fun to get out of my comfort zone a little bit. This perky pink range did just the trick. I combined it with a gorgeous rug, classic navy cabinets, recycled glass countertops and brass fixtures. I could feel right at home in this kitchen.

Here’s the complete source list for my pink kitchen:

Beach Blue KitchenFor my second kitchen design, I went with the Beach Blue range. Because it’s my favorite color. This time, I wanted to create a more neutral design. I don’t go super neutral very often, so this was a little uncomfortable for me; but I love the result!

My Beach Blue kitchen features a brick floor, a giant table for weekend brunches, a whitewashed shiplap wall treatment, and layers of neutral texture and color.  Here’s the complete list: 

And there you have it! Two different looks using colorful kitchen appliances. Thanks to the nice people at Big Chill for getting me back in the blogging saddle once again. Hopefully it won’t be months and months until my next post. 😉

Ice Cream Cone Ornaments

DIY Ice Cream OrnamentsThe weather outside is frightful, (for real – it’s a mess out there today) but anytime is a good time for ice cream, right? I’m so excited to join  some of my favorite bloggers for another #swapthatdiy exchange. This time with Christmas ornaments. We each made an ornament, and then were assigned a blogger to send it to. (I’ll put all their info below, so you can check out all the ornaments in the exchange). I sent mine to Gwen of The Bold Abode…hopefully she gets it today. 😉 And I got this adorable brushstroke ornament from Laurel. It’s perfect and I love it! 

Here’s the DIY on these easy, non-melting ice cream ornaments: Ornament DIY

I used these amazing colorful ornaments from the Land of Nod. (P.S. My friends at Nod were kind enough to send these ornaments over for this project, and they’re SO perfect for DIY projects. The ones I used are not available anymore; but I linked to a similar geometric set that is adorable). But any solid color ornament will work. Make a cone shape out of kraft paper. (I’ve provided a printable template here). It’s a semi-circle; cut it out, twist it until it becomes a cone, tape the inside to hold it in place; then glue the flap down to the outside. Once the cone is finished; glue the ornament to the cone. I used a thin bead of super glue along the edge of the cone. It worked like a charm. 

DIY Ice Cream Ornament

After the cone is glued to the ornament; brush a thin layer of glue (I like Martha Stewart’s Decoupage; but Mod Podge would be a really good choice, too.) Then grab your favorite sprinkles and a cute helper. Hold the ornament vertically as your helper disperses the sprinkles. Once the sprinkles are sufficiently sprinkled; hang the ornament overnight to dry. An optional step at this point is to do another thin layer of decoupage glue over the top of the sprinkles to seal them in. (If you do this step, give it another 24 hours to dry).
Ice Cream Ornament
I’m so excited about how these ornaments turned out. The kids and I made a bunch more because they’re so cute. Now take a look at the ornaments from these amazing bloggers:

Dining Room Resources

I hope you had a great weekend! Are you sick of my dining room yet? My eyes about popped right out of my head when I saw my dining room makeover featured on House Beautiful! It’s like my wildest dream come true. Of course, there’s a healthy sprinkling of negativity about my design choices in the comment section; and I’m cool with it. It’s part of the job. I get it. Happy colorful spaces aren’t for everyone. Although, I probably won’t be inviting any of them over for dinner anytime soon. 😉 

Haters aside, I had a bunch of emails asking about specifics, so I thought I’d just post a source list here to keep all the answers in one place. Dining RoomHere are some links to the products I used: 


Dining Room 8Chairs: I love painting, so I did them myself. Honestly, it’s probably not any cheaper to do it this way, because I used expensive paint, and it took a long time. I did it because I love the process; and I love making things for my home. But if painting’s not your thing, you can order some very similar chairs through Four Chairs Furniture and they’ll paint them for you. If you are into painting, though, here are the chairs and paints I used:

  • Milano Side Chair: This is in the center of the table; one is coral and one is turquoise.
  • Lattice Side Chair: This is the style at the head and foot of the table.
  • Roma Side Chair: These are all the other chairs, with the horizontal slats on the back. 

The chairs come in sets of two; and they’re really easy to put together. I’m a diehard General Finishes girl when it comes to furniture painting. The paint is a little pricey; but it goes a long way, and it has such a superior finish and quality to it that it’s well worth the price. It goes on evenly and levels really well so you end up with minimal brush strokes and a really professional-looking job. I use foam brushes to avoid brush strokes, and a small, flat artist brush to smooth the paint in the corners so I don’t end up with puddling. Here are the colors I used for these chairs: 

The coral chairs are straight up Coral Crush; and the dark turquoise chairs are straight Patina Green. The others are custom mixes, and here are my highly scientific formulas: 

  • Green: 1:1 ratio of Lime Green + Snow White
  • Pink: 1:7 ratio of Coral Crush + Snow White
  • Light Blue: 1:10 ratio of Patina Green + Snow White

I finish all the chairs off with High Performance Top Coat in Flat, which actually has a little sheen to it. If you’re looking for dead-flat finish, go with their Flat out Flat top coat. I like a little hint of gloss because  it cleans up so well when kids are in the mix. 

Bar Cart

  • Bar Cart, from Target. This one is old, but here’s a similar one.
  • Drink Dispenser: Target.
  • Home, Sweet Home wall hanging: I made it. It will be available soon in my etsy shop soon as a customized printable. Email me for details if you need one in your life. 
  • Straws: Zurcher’s Party Store

Plate WallI’ve collected most of the plates from Anthropologie over the years, but I think there are a few from Target in the mix. Plate hangers are from Home Depot. I did a whole post on my hutch makeover with paint colors and hardware sources, so if you’re looking for that, visit this post

And that’s it! Probably the last you’ll hear about my dining room for a long while. But I’m itching to start another project; and there’s some tile upstairs that’s just begging  for a date with a sledgehammer. Have a great week! 


DIY Desk Caddy + Ideas Swap Day

For today’s post, the lovely ladies at j. sorelle and A Joyful Riot created a fun project for National Idea Swap Day, and invited me to join in the fun. (Thanks, ladies!) So the idea is that each of the five participating bloggers made a DIY Desk accessory for under $20. Then we all share our DIY idea on our own blog, and send our project to another blogger as an exchange. I got to send my project to Machelle of A Joyful Riot; and take a look at the cute project I received from the sorelle girls! 

Desk CaddyNow for my project! I wanted to make a little caddy for all the bits and bobbles that are hard to contain. I also wanted something narrow that doesn’t get in the way. I started with a set of shot glasses and one larger glass from World Market, painted them up a bit and then built a little tray for them. Here’s how I did it: 

DIY SuppliesGrab a few supplies. I used some shot glasses from World Market, some Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint, a craft sponging brush and some washi tape. 

Tape GlassTape off all of your glasses. I used the rim of the glass as my guide; and for the larger glass, I used two rows of washi tape. I also really liked these glasses because the sides are completely vertical, which makes it easier to tape a straight line. 

Sponge PaintNext, just start sponging the paint onto the glass. Bonus points for getting paint all over your hands and for pretending to be left-handed while you take a photo. 😉 Just keep sponging until it’s covered. 

Shot GlassesKeep going until all the glasses are painted. Now remove the tape and let them dry. While they dry, you can make the base.

SuppliesI grabbed a few pieces of craft wood from Michael’s. The bottom is a really thin piece of plywood that is 12″ x 4″. And a longer piece of balsa wood for the sides. 

Glue SidesUsing a utility knife, cut two pieces of the balsa strip for the sides. This stuff is super soft and easy to cut. It also sands really easily if you have any rough spots. Now glue it onto the base with some wood glue. Repeat these steps for the ends. 

TrayAfter you have the ends glued, make some little dividers: I used a super-thin piece of balsa for this and spaced them so the compartments would fit the larger glass, then two sets of shot glasses, and a post-it pad. Glue them into place, and when the glue is dry, give the whole thing a nice coat of paint. Quick tip: If you don’t have time for the wood glue to dry, super glue works great, too! 

Desk CaddyNow load up all your favorite supplies and get to work! 

DIY Desk CaddyThanks for letting me join in the fun, everyone! 

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