Get the Look: Banana Leaf Print

Banana Leaf print. It’s everywhere. This article from online interior designers Laurel & Wolf inspired me to give it a whirl. I don’t typically decorate with large patterns, so this was a great way for me to get out of my comfort zone. Just for fun, I challenged myself to style the pattern in three different rooms. I’m so excited with the results. Let’s start with the bedroom: Banana Leaf-02If we’re using banana leaf wallpaper, we need to start with the original. This pattern is the one used in the Beverly Hills Hotel; which is where it all began. I would do one focal wall with the wallpaper, and opt for a softer off-white paint for the rest of the room. I kept all the furniture and accessories really neutral and threw in some black and white pillows and a geometric chandelier to make it a little more playful. I think this would make an especially inviting guest room.

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Banana Leaf-01

And now we’re on to the dining room. Statement curtains are the main attraction here. I love the way the banana leaf print pairs with pinks and corals. I opted for a table with clean lines, some comfy chairs and added a glam chandelier for some extra sparkle. I’d keep the walls light and airy and throw in some gorgeous, colorful artwork and some casual vases to make it a little less formal.

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Banana Leaf-03

This bathroom is my favorite. I love it so much, I may actually use it for my kids’ bathroom. The banana leaf print feels fresh and new in a large-scale watercolor. I’d keep the towels and accessories pretty simple here so there’s not too much going on in such a small space. A black claw-foot tub keeps the room from looking too theme-y; and some classic vintage-inspired hardware and wall sconces and a sparkling recycled glass countertop complete the look. 

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Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 7.48.01 AM

If you’re not ready to go big with the banana leaves, you can always add a pop of the tropics here and there. I especially love the way Lulu & Georgia incorporated their banana leaf pillow with the other colors in this cheerful room. (image via Lulu & Georgia) Here are some other ways you can test-drive the leaf craze to see if it works for you: 
Banana Leaf-04

  1. Throw Blanket 
  2. Thank You Notes
  3. Art Print
  4. Throw Pillow
  5. Notebook
  6. Watercolor Art Print
  7. Vintage Side Chair

There you have it. I have to admit…I didn’t think I could pull off styling three rooms with tropical prints; but I actually really love them. I’m itching to grab a sledgehammer and get started on my kids’ bathroom. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out. 

UPDATE: The nice folks over at Laurel & Wolf have offered all of my readers a 50% discount on their classic design package. Just use the code MEMDAY at checkout!

Spring-Inspired Front Porch

Guys! It’s Spring! We’ve had lots of those proverbial April Showers lately; so I’m sure those May flowers are going to be AWESOME. My phlox is blooming like crazy, the weather is warming up and the air smells sweet. My friends at Wayfair wanted to know how my love of spring inspires my home projects. Spring is the time of year that I start turning my attention from the inside of the house to the outside. All winter long, I work on interior projects–painting, rearranging, organizing, etc. And once spring arrives, I can’t wait to brush off the dirt left behind by Ol’ Man Winter and breathe some life back into the exterior of our home. 

Spring Inspired-01Last spring, I sanded down our old, weathered wood front door and gave it a fresh coat of paint. I decked it out with a fancy doorknob and a handmade wreath. The results of that simple makeover make me so happy every time I pull into my driveway. Now that spring is here again, it’s time for me to wipe down the door, freshen up the wreath and grab a new door mat…and then I’ll start planting flowers. I really like to keep my planters simple so the flowers can take center stage. And I’d love to change up my house numbers, and maybe even my exterior lanterns this spring. It’s really amazing the big impact small changes can make.

BeforeHere’s a before shot of my sad, cracked and yellowed front door. Since I never really planned for this to be a before/after project…so you get to take a walk with me down memory lane to see a picture of my blurry, barefoot babies jumping off the front step. I can’t believe how tiny they were when we moved here! 

And here’s the after:

Door After

I decided to save thousands of dollars by sanding and painting the door myself rather than replacing the door completely. Our exterior is very, very brown; so I like the addition of a little bit of classic navy. Seeing the big impact this little project has inspires me to take on a few more projects this spring. 

I’ve created a little inspiration board here for you on some quick, easy ways you can freshen up your front porch for spring. Here’s a shopping list:

SpringInspired_BlogBanner copy

 So there you have it! Make sure to check out all the other outdoor goodies Wayfair has for your spring makeovers. Happy Spring, Everyone!

Playroom Do-Over

I haven’t been blogging much at all this year. I’ve been focusing on some fun projects for my shop; and for my home. I’m so excited to finally share some of these projects with you! 

Our playroom has been a source of frustration ever since we moved in. The previous owners had used the room as a gym and had installed one of those modular black rubber floors. Initially, I thought it would be great for the kids. It was squishy and soft and virtually indestructible. Then the kids hated it. It felt weird on their feet; it was cold, and it held onto dust and gunk and was kind of gross. 

The other major problem with the playroom in its current condition is that it’s too full of stuff. Where does all the stuff come from? I have no idea. It’s always such a mess that there’s no room to play. Imagine my laundry room (pre-makeover) but with toys. It’s time to clean and simplify. 

Playroom Style Board-01
My goal with this space is to create a room that gives them plenty of room to play. I have every intention of donating and/or storing all of the toys they’ve outgrown or don’t use. Most of my kids’ playtime is spent drawing, building or crafting. I have no idea where they get it from. 😉 But if that’s how they like to play, let’s give them a good space for it. 

I started a couple weeks ago by installing a laminate wood floor. Laminate is never my first option from a quality standpoint, but this is a room for my kids to play in and make a mess in. I want something that is stress-free and inexpensive. Laminate does just the trick. I was able to install the entire floor in one Saturday. (And it doesn’t look terrible!) I love do-able DIY projects. 

Next, in order to free up floorspace, I’m going to mount everything on the walls that I can. A giant magnetic whiteboard will keep them busy playing school or restaurant or drawing elaborate escape plans for the zombie apocalypse. I’m going to make some sturdy wooden shelves to house art supplies and I’ll finish off the room with a big roll of kraft paper they can draw on/craft with. We’re installing taller legs on our old play table and adding larger, metal chairs so the furniture fits their growing bodies. Speaking of growing bodies, I’ve always wanted a ruler-style growth chart, and this black one is perfect.

I’m keeping the room really simple with natural wood tones, black, grays and white. The bright chairs and the kids’ artwork will add a pop of color. We’ve got one awkward wall that is begging for a wallpaper accent…and this is wallpaper they can draw on! So hooray for turning that awkward wall into useable space!

I’m thrilled with how things are coming along so far; and I hope this will be a space they can use for years to come. I can’t wait to show you the finished room! 

Here’s a source list: 

  1. Kraft Paper Roll
  2. Green Chairs
  3. Play Table
  4. Growth Chart
  5. Frames Wallpaper
  6. Raw Steel Shelf Brackets
  7. Paint Color – Driftwood
  8. Laminate Flooring
  9. White Board

I hope your weekend is filled with lots of spring cleaning and DIY projects! I know mine will be. xox



Coffee Table Styling

For today’s blog post, I’ve been inspired by Chairish to style one of their great coffee tables. This challenge comes with a few problems: 1. I can never pick just one coffee table. So I picked three.  2., Coffee table styling is hard. Seriously, just search it on Pinterest. You’ll see tons of articles entitled, “12 Simple Steps for Styling Your Coffee Table” or “10 Essential Items You Need on Your Coffee Table”.  You’ll even find different diagrams of where to place everything, etc. My approach to coffee tables is more simple and less organized than anything in the official guides. I personally like to keep a little cluster of items in the center of the coffee table, leaving plenty of room on the edges for guests to place their drinks (or feet). 

Coffee Table Styling-01

This style board reflects pretty closely what I have happening on my own coffee table at the moment. Start with a classic wood + metal coffee table. Add a stack of three beautiful books (I love Paris in Color, See San Francisco and The Perfectly Imperfect Home); throw in a couple novelty pots for your succulents and some sparkly coasters. There’s always room for fresh flowers in a pretty vase, and these hobnail candles are my current favorite…they come in so many fresh, springy scents and hobnail can do no wrong. I try to keep my little vignette interesting from every angle; so I’ll put one of the planters on top of the books, and the other one on the opposite side, directly on the table. I like this look because it’s pulled together without being too stuffy…which is perfect for my kid-filled lifestyle. 

Coffee Table Styling-02

This look one is more polished than the first, but with the same cluster-styling concept. I love this glamorous coffee table. Add to the drama by keeping accessories to classic black, white and brass with a little bit of sparkle. Simple black candlesticks, fresh peonies, naturally (is it peony season yet?!?) a gorgeous brass vase, and finish off the look with some beautiful coffee table books – you can’t go wrong with Chanel or Vanity Fair

Coffee Table Styling-03 This third look is the easiest of all. I love the clean lines and the grey wooden texture of this simple coffee table. Sometimes the best styling of all is the easiest. Top this gorgeous table with a trio of unique vases and some fresh greenery. I’m in a major spring cleaning mood right now, so this look fits my current craving for clean and simple spaces. 
And there you have it – three very different looks for your coffee table.

Have a great day!