Holiday Gift Guide: Teacher Gifts

Teacher Gifts I always leave teacher gifts to the last minute. But this year I’m sharing my top picks for easy teacher gifts with my friends at the Land of Nod. You can read all about it here. So guess who’s done with her teacher gifts early this year? This girl! Hip, Hip, Hooray! 

Printable tags for Teacher GiftsFor this post, I actually did some scientific research on what teachers actually like to receive for gifts. And by “scientific,” I mean I texted a handful of teacher friends to learn inside scoop on the best teacher gifts ever. 

Simple ideas for teacher giftsI was surprised when the results of my field study came back with a resounding answer. Teachers want practical gifts. I always knew teachers were awesome because they put up with our kids each and every day. But the fact that they like the same type of gifts I do makes my job that much easier! 

free printable tags for teacher giftsPractical Teacher Gifts are BEST!

My adorable sister-in-law is a 7th grade science teacher. First of all, let’s just give her a big standing ovation for that. But she gave me such a great tip for teacher gifts. She said that she loves cute, fun things she wouldn’t normally buy for herself. She suggested personalized note cards, stamps, stickers, fancy pens, etc. that come in handy for grading papers or writing notes to students and parents. I love this! Speaking of stamps, I found this awesome Facebook Like stamp (pictured below) online. You can get one here. But I think it would be an especially great gift for Middle and High School teachers.

teacher giftsOne of these darling teachers told me that teachers get so many soaps, lotions, treats and candies during the holidays. While they really love these things, they can really only use so many. My daughter’s  super cute first grade teacher mentioned that gift cards (even as small as $5) are really appreciated, as well as anything that can be used in the classroom. New books for the classroom library are always welcome; and the holidays hit about halfway through the year. So dry-erase markers, treasure box prizes and hand sanitizer are running low at this point in the year. 

Holiday Gift Guide: TeachersPrintable Gift Tags

Now that we know what types of items make great teacher gifts, let’s talk about presentation. This is the best part! I’ve created a set of cheerful Printable Teacher Gift Tags for you. Just download, print and cut. Then attach them to the gift(s) of your choice and you’re all set! 

Teacher GiftsGive a single item; or make a cute grouping of several items with the corresponding tags attached. Above, I’ve got a cute mint green tape dispenser, some assorted clips and a new set of grading pens. They look adorable together; and they’re USEFUL! You can’t go wrong here!

In addition to using these tags for teacher gifts, I think most of them could be used for co-workers, too! Have a great day!

Teacher Gifts

Remember that fun holiday party I threw with Tiny Prints last year? It seems like it was just last week. Now it’s Christmas again, and I’m excited to team up with Tiny Prints again this holiday season. They sent me a bunch of goodies to jump-start my holiday gifting.* And that is huge, because I live for the thrill of the last-minute. Or I’m lazy. You choose.Custom Wrapping PaperWe’ve got so many teachers in our lives; and I like to get their gifts done early. Not because I’m organized, but because I’ve learned the hard way: it’s the last day of school, and I’m scrambling to the store in my PJs for gift cards. It feels unthoughtful and haphazard. And every year I vow to do something more special for our teachers. Thanks to my friends at Tiny Prints, I’ve got our teacher gifts under control and ready to go. (I wish I could say the same for the rest of my Christmas checklist!) 

Kindergarten GiftsI chose a personalized stationery set for each of my kids’ teachers. There are so many color options and styles to choose from, it was easy to find the right one for each teacher. Side note: I believe there’s a special place in heaven for kindergarten teachers. This set is my very favorite because I love the colors and the patterns.

Teacher Stationery SetTeachers make such a difference between having a great year and a rough one. We’ve really lucked out this year. I want our teachers to know how much we appreciate them. I think getting a customized gift shows your teacher you were actually thinking about her. Plus, having a cute notepad like this will probably make all those “Johnny forgot his homework” notes easier for her to send home.

Tiny PrintsDon’t forget the office staff. You know, the one you call every time you have a question, who reminds you your son’s lunch balance is negative. The one who delivers your daughter’s forgotten backpack at least once a week; or takes care of your son when he skins his knee at recess. Make sure they know they’re appreciated. The office staff are constantly jotting down notes and sending messages…so a stationery gift set is perfect for them, too.

Dance Teacher GiftIf your family is anything like mine, there’s a whole host of teachers that come into play after school is over. I used to be a dance teacher; and I never expected to receive a Christmas gift from a student, but when I did it really made my day. Dance teachers, gymnastic coaches, piano teachers and swim teachers (along with so many others) all really love and invest so much time and effort into our kids…so the holidays are a perfect time to show them how much they mean to us. This note set is perfect for my daughter’s dance teacher. 

Personalized Wrapping Paper Every time I work with Tiny Prints, I’m impressed with the quality of their product and the speed of their work. I’m sure most of you are more prepared with your holiday game plan than I am; but they always make me look like I’ve got my act together, even when that’s the farthest thing from the truth. 
Customized Wrapping PaperTake a look at their gorgeous personalized wrapping paper. This style is my very favorite; but they have a bunch of other cute styles. Personalized gift wrap makes gift tags or cards unnecessary. A lazy-wrapper’s dream come true. Also: the paper is so thick and opaque there’s absolutely  no risk of seeing the gift through the paper. I hate it when that happens. 

Christmas Wrap CustomA huge thanks to Tiny Prints for making my teacher gifts so effortless and beautiful this year. 

*This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints. Tiny Prints sent me all the product for this post. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands who support my work. For more information on how I work with brands, please visit my disclosure policy

Mother’s Day Round-Up

It wouldn’t be a holiday around here without a free printable card, right? After I put the glitter away, I started playing around with watercolors and hand-lettering, so I thought this would be a good chance to combine them, with a dash of humor. AwesomeIf your mom could use a little giggle this Mother’s Day, I’ve got you covered with this free printable Mother’s Day card. And for your one-stop Mother’s Day inspiration, I’ve gathered up a bunch of my favorite DIY ideas from around the web. 

DIY Mother's Day Gifts


  1. Origami & Confetti Card – Paper & Pin
  2. Criss Cross Coasters – Fall for DIY
  3. Mini Mother’s Day Garland – Homey Oh My
  4. Marbled Nail Polish Bowls – Hello, Wonderful
  5. Cookie Cards – Tell Love and Chocolate
  6. Fingerprint Charm Necklace – Honest to Nod (This is my final project in the Mother’s Day series I did with Land of Nod + Paper Source). Sorry for the shameless self-promotion. But I’m pretty excited about this necklace, because I made it with beads from my grandmother’s old jewelry…so it’ s got a special place in my heart. 

My friend Rebecca has also put together a great last-minute gift guide on her blog, so check it out if you need more ideas. 

Happy Mother’s Day! And have a great weekend.

Gift Guides: Tweens + Teens

I don’t have any tweens or teens of my own, but I do have several on my list. I’ve gathered a bunch of great surprises that probably aren’t on their official list, but things they’re sure to love. 


Tweens and Teens - Girls

For the girls:

  • Chucks: Sure to produce a squeal of delight.
  • Hair Ties: wins when it comes to coolness. Everything there is perfect for the girls on your list. 
  • Totally Tote: Perfect for sleepovers or school days.
  • Little Women: I love everything by Rifle Paper Company. These gorgeous covers make me want to read some of my old favorites again. Plus, books always make the very best gifts. 
  • BFF Friendship Pendant: Besties + Flapper Girls = Win
  • Cool Cuff: Speak her language. And let her know you think she’s cool, even when she’s not at home, she’ll have a reminder around her wrist. 
  • Wishbone Necklace: When I was in middle school, statement necklaces were my “thing.” Give her a great one with this large wishbone necklace. Plus, it’s made by Wen, my pal in California. Read all about her work in an interview I did a while back. 
  • Printed Pencils: Get a funny or inspirational saying, or have some custom engraved. Homework’s not so bad when you’ve got an awesome pencil.
  • Heart Tattoo: Tattly has made almost every single gift guide I’ve done this season, except for the babies…but you could tat them up, too, if you like. I won’t judge. But this one’s designed by Anna Rifle Bond, who also painted that gorgeous book cover. 
  • Emoji Stickers: Even when their battery’s running low they can heart-eye things IRL. 
  • Phone Case: For obvious reasons. You can’t have a phone case that clashes with your shoes. Duh.
  • Tumbler: I totally want this. I’ve been looking for a way to sneak diet coke into church and my volunteer days at school for years. This is the perfect disguise. But teens. They’ll love it too. If they don’t you can always “borrow” it from them.

Tweens and Teens - Boys
And now for the guys:

  • Hungry Shirt: I sincerely love Thug Life so much. I have a couple of their shirts and many more on my wish list. Young dudes will love them, too.
  • Turntable: Super awesome. And this one does extra-fancy tricks. Plug it in, and convert all those musical masterpieces to digital files. 
  • Wooden Watch: Because even guys like awesome accessories. Even if they don’t say so.
  • Shoot the Moon Game: This is an old-school game, dating back from the 1940’s. My grandparents used to have this game, and it was one of my favorites when we’d go visit. Introduce a little non-electronic gaming to your kids and see what happens.
  • Slinky Tattoo: I think temporary tattoos make great stocking stuffers…love this one!
  • Hoodie: This is one gift he’s sure to use frequently. Comfy and stylish. Perfect combination.
  • Awkward Moment Game: These years are awkward, right? Help them have a little fun with all the awkwardness.
  • Duct Tape Wallet: Sneak in a little craft time with this duct tape wallet kit. The end result is something they’ll love (and you don’t have to hang on the fridge!)
  • Bicycle Shirt: Happy Family Shop has so many great tees for everyone in the family. This is just one of my favorites.
  • Great Minds Puzzles: Also something I used to do at my grandparents’ house. These are mildly addictive. So watch out. 

And if you missed my other gift guides this week, be sure to check them out. I’ve got one for Babies, and Kids. And tomorrow I’ve got an easy holiday recipe + your chance to win a $500 Wayfair gift card. Stay tuned!

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