Hi. I’m Christina. I’m a mom, a blogger and a graphic designer. My desk is usually a mess and I lose my keys multiple times a day. I’ve lived everywhere from San Francisco, CA to Cheyenne, WY. We currently live in Salt Lake City.

I usually write about DIY projects, graphic design, parenting and home design projects. Sometimes, I talk about food. Because food is the best. I’m a contributor for Honest to Nod and Wayfair. I got my BA in English, where I read a lot of great books and daydreamed about being a novelist when I grew up.

I’ve been making and selling things my whole life. So it wasn’t very surprising when I opened an Etsy shop in 2007. Having my own business kept me sane while my husband was in dental school and residency. I have a line of paper goods: recipe cards, gift tags, note cards, etc. available online (and finally available right here on my website!) and in several independent brick and mortar stores around the country. I also do freelance design work for individuals and companies at an hourly rate. Contact me for current turnaround time and rates.

Most importantly: the kids. They’re my day job. And my night job. I’m always tired; but I’d be lost without them. There are three of them–two boys and a girl in the middle. They’re currently 9, 6 and 3 years old. I don’t remember the last time I walked down the hall without stepping on a lego. Secretly I’m dreading they day they grow up and stop needing me.