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CleverHappy Setpember! Let’s celebrate with a new digital wallpaper. Plus, we’re all super clever and hilarious; so this quote from one of my favorites, Oscar Wilde, is so fitting. I read The Picture of Dorian Gray for the first time more than 15 years ago and it’s still one of my very favorite books. I changed up my wallpaper game with a photo this time…so I hope you like it. You can have a photo of my desktop on your desktop. Clever, eh? Except that’s not my desktop. It’s my dining table. But I would have to clean my office to put up a picture of my desk. And that’s not gonna happen. So there. 

Download your Clever Wallpaper here:


September Desktop Calendar-01If Oscar Wilde’s wit isn’t your thing, you can get this September desktop calendar I designed over on the Wayfair blog. I used one of my hand-drawn patterns in one of my favorite fall colors to get us all in the spirit of sweater season. I can’t wait! Again, not my office. But I’m feeling super clever because I avoided cleaning my office again by using stock photography of someone else’s (clean) workspace. Winning. 

Have a great day! 

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