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Some of my blogging pals have this great project going, called the Year of Change…where they tackle one project each month for a year to make a big impact in their homes. I love watching their projects unfold each month; and I was so excited when they invited me to join them this month! The goal for February was organizing. I had a hard time choosing because I’m so organized, there’s not much to choose from. Ha! Nope. 

CornerWe moved in nearly 2 years ago, and the laundry room has been a source of frustration (and lots of swearing) ever since. It’s primarily my turf; because of that, I never took the time to properly organize it in the first place. I thought I was the only one inconvenienced by it; or that the money/effort could be better spent elsewhere; or that I couldn’t take the time to do something for myself. Silly, right? A blog deadline + a little peer pressure is exactly the motivation I needed.

Since I’m literally sharing my dirty laundry with the world, I’ve got a few disclaimers: 1) I’m not actually a hoarder. I’m a blogger. And bloggers do (and have/collect/save) weird things. Or maybe blogger is just a euphemism for hoarder? 2) I actually love this room and I feel super lucky to have such a great place to keep all my crap. 3) This is super embarrassing. So try and love me despite my slobbish ways. OK? Here we go!   Before MainSo. So. Bad. The counter holds everything from craft junk and abandoned projects to weird odds and ends I never put away from unpacking the moving boxes, the guest room sheets, and all the stuff nobody knows what to do with. Leave it in the laundry room–Mom will take care of it. Look closely at that corner–the walls are two different colors. We had the shutters replaced a year ago. I had to hurry and paint all the walls with windows before they installed the shutters. Then I never finished the job.

Before 4The floor. Yikes. Overflowing bags of things for Goodwill; dirty clothes; and a new toilet seat that never fulfilled its destiny. Yes, the floor matches the countertop. Fancy, huh? A real countertop is high on my wish list. 
Top Drawer BeforeMore of the counter + inside the top drawer. Ugh. I see Cub Scout patches; broken jewelry; a vent cover; and a wooden spoon (why?) This is like a bad version of an I Spy book. 

Art Cabinet BeforeIn my defense, I did try. Once. For about 15 minutes. Look at those paints lined up on the top shelf, and the markers in Mason jars. That was some effort. Now that I’ve aired all my dirty laundry, let’s look at the after photos!

This section could be appropriately (or inappropriately) titled How I Got My Shit Together.Card Catalouge

First, I called in the big guns. I told my pals at The Land of Nod about my quest and they sent over a bunch of organizational goodies to get me started. Like these color reference drawers. My favorite. (Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And my family thanks you. And my neighbors thank you…because I’m pretty sure they could hear me throwing tantrums when we couldn’t find the specific soccer jersey, special sock, ballet costume, etc.)

Laundry Room

Ta Da! I did It! And I even took a photo of every single drawer and cabinet so you can see that I didn’t just shovel all the crap into a cabinet and pretend it’s clean. So stick with me, and you’ll see I’m not full of baloney.

Art SuppliesI got rid of loads of obsolete craft junk and things I don’t use anymore. Those awesome marker cubbies + red paintbrush caddy are a dream come true. And I need one in every room in the house. 

Top DrawerRemember that awful top drawer? Here it is now. So much better. And there’s even some extra space there at the back. I should probably buy more stuff. Kidding.

Ribbon DrawerHere’s the next drawer. All my ribbon used to be stacked up in one of the cabinets. Whenever I needed something, I dug through them all and ended up with a giant mess. This is much more user-friendly.

Drawer 3The third drawer still needs a little work; but it’s all my boxes and bags and gift-giving supplies. I’m going to snag a few more drawer dividers and make little compartments like I did for the ribbon.

Bottom DrawerThe bottom drawer isn’t very exciting; because it’s just paper. But now you know I’m not hiding a big, fat mess in there.

Party ShelfMoving onto the cabinets, we’ve got Party Central over here. It’s all my straws and napkins and party tidbits. Look! I even painted the walls. 

Craft CabinetAnd below that, more craft stuff. 

Beading OrganizerI’m especially excited about these bead organizers. I picked them up at The Container Store. Like I ordered online, drove to the store, called from the parking lot and they brought them out to me. It’s a thing. And you should try it. 

Cleaning SuppliesCleaning supplies and my favorite paint. Not the prettiest cabinet; but useful.

TowelsAnd the final cabinet. Just old towels, cleaning rags and drop cloths. Not too exciting. But I bet you’re glad to know I didn’t leave a stone unturned. Or a towel unfolded. 

Ironing BoardI hung the ironing board behind the door using a couple robe hooks. And that adorable heart bin? It corrals all the lonely socks until their mates turn up. Kind of like a dating site for socks. So the hearts are kind of perfect. Helping socks find their match since 2015. I love this bin so much, I’m going to buy it in the other two colors and use them in my closet, too.

Washer DryerLet’s not forget the actual purpose of the laundry room. Here’s the washer and dryer + all my laundry and sewing stuff. I didn’t even unload the dryer for this shot. I’m convinced that if the washer or dryer ever stops, I’m immediately waist-deep in dirty laundry. I have no idea where it comes from.

Shelf2The wall rack is perfect for all my favorite pictures and goodies…which were originally piled up on the countertop with everything else. 

CanvasPsst: that great bird canvas, is hiding the ugly breaker box. 
ArtworkSome of my favorite artwork. Two from Esty and one from First Grade. It makes me smile when I’m changing loads of laundry.

ShelfOne more look at the treasures on my shelf. A gorgeous weaving by the beautiful and talented Danielle; and some sentimental bits from my mom and grandmothers. 

MainWhew! Are you still with me? That was intense. I’ll talk a little bit more about the process and the items I used next week. As a reward for scrolling all the way down, I’ve some organizational printables to help you get your crap together. But I bet my crap can beat the crap out of your crap any day.

Organizing PrintablesFree Printables:

And be sure to stop by the original Year of Change Team to see what they’ve been up to this month:  Commona My HouseRosa Beltran Design, Suburban Bitches, and Life on Virginia Street.

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  1. Jenna February 27, 2015

    I love your mess. It makes me feel not so alone in my chaos.

    • christina February 27, 2015

      You’re definitely not alone in the chaos. You should see the rest of my house. 😉

    • Ela October 17, 2016

      Thank you for sharing your mess as well as the solutions! I’m inspired.

  2. Erin April 3, 2015

    i had to let you know, you’re hilarious. i thoroughly enjoy you!

    • christina April 3, 2015

      Erin! Thanks, you made my day. 🙂 xo

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  4. Anna November 20, 2016

    You’re so cute and i absolutely loved ur quirky lists.


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