Vampire Donuts

Hey guys! I’m so glad it’s Monday! I know that’s not a common sentiment, but last week was a real butt-kicker. I’ve really been waiting for a chance to start over. I hope this week is a bit kinder to us than the last. I’m thankful, however, that none of the disasters that happened last week were unfixable. So that’s the bright side. And donuts. They’re the answer to all of life’s little problems.
Vampire Donut

Since it’s Halloween this week, I’ve dressed my donuts up for the occasion. These little guys are perfect for a sweet surprise. Take these guys to your neighborhood party and they’re sure to be a hit. Or take a batch to your favorite teacher; because after a full week of dealing with a herd of pumped-up Halloweenies, heaven knows they could use a donut or two. Whenever you choose to incorporate these creatures into your Halloween sugar fest, they’re bound to be a hit. Just stick in a pair of plastic fangs (preferably unused. Because you know, germs. Ick.) And slap on some candy eyeballs. Done! Bonus points for making the sprinkles look like a beard. Awesome. 

Vampire Donuts
I tested the idea with my 3rd grader’s lunch last week. Instead of a donut, I did it with a bagel. Try as I might, I just couldn’t justify sending a donut main course to school. Weird. But I made him a little vampire bagel. Third grade is tricky, because I’m constantly walking a fine line between cool and embarrassing. But the risk paid off. He ran to the car after school and said, “Mom! My lunch was so cool today. And my friends thought it was awesome. But next time don’t use raisins for eyes. Gross.” I can totally deal with constructive criticism; at least it wasn’t embarrassing. I really don’t blame him for not appreciating the raisin eyes. I probably crossed the line there. I get it.

Anyway, my main point here is that it’s totally worth the ten seconds it takes to deck out your donuts for Halloween. So get to it! 

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