Halloween Wreath DIY Tutorial

I created this creepy, but classy Halloween wreath for my latest segment on Fox 13’s The Place. It’s a nod to Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven. You can see the segment here if you promise not to laugh at my awkwardness. Or go ahead and laugh. I’m pretty sure that’s why they invite me back every month. Creepy Halloween Wreath

When I decided to make a Halloween wreath, I wanted to take a more mature approach to the holiday. I love Edgar Allen Poe, and when I ran across this fake bird at the craft store, the whole idea came together. First I found the bird, then I went in search of “creepy” flowers. While you’re floral shopping, keep your eyes open for anything sharp, spiny or dark and brooding. I wanted to use a muted palette of black and gray, but threw in some purple and red for a little depth.

Halloween Wreath Supplies

Basic Wreath Making Supplies:

Most of the wreaths I make start with just a few basic supplies.

  • A wreath form (this one is a 24″ grapevine wreath form)
  • wire cutters
  • hot glue gun + extra glue sticks
  • floral wire

Halloween Wreath Flowers

Now add the fancy Halloween wreath stuff:
  • Assorted silk and/or plastic flowers. Black roses that aren’t hideous are hard to find. I scored these at Michaels in the normal floral section (not the Halloween florals…those were a little tacky for this project). 😉
  • Twigs, berries, moss (go crazy!)
  • Fake Bird

Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Let’s get started!

First, start by trimming the stems off of a bunch of your flowers. As you do this, remember to leave about 2 – 6 inches of stem until you decide on the final arrangement. After you’ve trimmed down a bunch of the flowers, start laying them out – either on top of or around the wreath form. I usually tuck the stems into the grapevine wreath as I go to give myself a good visual. Play around with the arrangement until you’re happy with it.

Halloween Wreath DIY

Quick Tip:

After you’re happy with the layout and arrangement of the flowers, snap a quick photo with your phone so you can replicate the design as you glue it all together.
DIY Halloween Wreath

The Big Finish: 

Warm up your hot glue gun as you remove all the flowers from your test-run. Then trim down the stems on your flowers (if necessary) I usually prefer 1.5″ – 2″ of stem. It’s perfect for glueing. Now hot glue the stems one at a time, and layer your wreath back together. You can also use floral wire for this, but I prefer the stability of hot glue. I usually begin with the biggest blooms first and then layer in the smaller bits (berries, sticks, etc.) toward the end to fill in any blank space. 

After you’ve attached all the flowers, add some Spanish moss and put your creepy bird in his new nest. Finally, all you need to do is display your fabulous new wreath for the whole neighborhood to see! 
Beautiful Halloween Wreath

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