Printable Tooth Fairy Receipts

Now I’m up to TWO blog posts this summer. So I’m pretty much killing it. 😉 I’ve teamed up with my pals at JAM Paper for this fun Tooth Fairy project. My almost-kindergartener has been losing teeth left and right lately. One tooth per week for the last three weeks! She’s giving the Tooth Fairy a real run for her money. Tooth Fairy ReceiptI know every family approaches the Tooth Fairy differently; and I’m one of those parents who believes in prolonging the magic of childhood with a few white lies and an occasional sprinkling of fairy dust. My husband pulls teeth regularly, and the Tooth Fairy joins us often at community health fairs, so we’re basically family. Sidenote: loose teeth give me the heebie jeebies…so those 7 years of dental training were totally worth it if it means I never have to touch a loose tooth as long as I live.

Envelopes 2OK, back to business; JAM sent over these adorable tiny envelopes and my daughter lost her first tooth the next day. So this project was meant to be. I occasionally design rubber stamps for my parents’ office supply store; so I whipped up an official Tooth Fairy seal for myself while I was at it. You never know when you’ll need an official Tooth Fairy seal, right? 

Tooth Fairy EnvelopesThen I stamped the envelopes, and embossed them in silver because that’s was the Tooth Fairy would do. I asked her. She gave me two tiny thumbs up for my design choice. I made a little “receipt” so the Tooth Fairy can just check a few boxes, tuck the money into the envelope, and ta-da! Magic accomplished. She’s very busy, you know, so if I can streamline the process at all for her, I’m happy to oblige.

Printable Tooth Fairy Receipt

Embossed Tooth Fairy Envelope

You can grab some envelopes over on JAM’s website; and you can get the printable receipt here. If you happen to be at Craft Lake City next weekend, I’ve got a version of this available during the event…so come visit me in booth 115. And Thanks, JAM Paper, for having tiny envelopes in bright colors. You speak my love language. 

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