Halloween Tags

Halloween Stripe Tags

In addition to having ghosts on the brain, I’ve been pretty consumed with the details of building a website lately. While it’s been a great education and lots of late nights with a healthy dose of frustration, I’m glad I’m nearing the light at the end of the tunnel. That means I can get back to my regular design work. I took a welcome break from all the website mumbo jumbo to design a few simple gift tags for my parents’ store. These simple stripes would make cute place cards for any Halloween dinner, whether it’s creepy or classy.

Candy Corn Tags

Clearly I was too busy shoving candy corns in my mouth to actually look at them, because I got the color order wrong. Orange goes in the middle. Details, details. But I still think my version of candy corn looks pretty tasty. These confused candy corns would make cute tags for the kids’ table at your Thanksgiving dinner, or on a scented candle gift for the teacher. So tell me: would you have noticed the wrong order if I didn’t point it out?

Pumpkin Tags


When we carve our Halloween Jack-o-lanterns, we always bake up a bunch of different flavors of pumpkin seeds. These would be really cute to denote the varieties. I’m also planning on using them to deliver mini-pies to my neighbors this year. I’ve had these darling little pie tins for a couple years and nothing good has ever come from them. This is their year. I just feel it.

I’m not selling these tags in my shop, but I do have a few extras hanging around my desk that I could send your way. Contact me if you need some of them in your life.

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Juice Box Monster Tutorial

Juice Box Monster

I’ve seen mummies made out of juice boxes, and this is my version of a juice box creature. These fuzzy friends make such a fun addition to lunch boxes during Halloween, or any time! I made these cutie pies for Charlotte’s monster birthday party one year, and my kids request them all the time. They’re so simple it’s silly…but here’s a quick tutorial for all your juice box monster-making needs.

All you need is a pack of crinkle paper, a giant wiggle eye, a hot glue gun and some juice boxes (extra points if the color of the juice box is similar to that of the crinkle paper…then bald spots aren’t as obvious.

Juice Box Monster2

Step 1: While the glue gun warms up, remove the straw and set aside.

Step 2: Working in 1 inch sections, spread hot glue on the front of the juice box, and press in a clump of crinkle paper. Work until the front surface of the juice box is covered. (NOTE: leave the bottom and a space around the straw opening uncovered). Move onto the sides and back. Work until all sides are covered. Except for the bottom…unless you want a wobbly juice box. And nobody wants a wobbly juice box.

Monster Juice Boxes

Step 3: Monster grooming. Gently comb through those luscious locks with your fingers, pulling out loose ‘hairs’ so they don’t shed all over your party. Then trim any unruly/overgrown sections until you’ve achieved the desired look. My kids love to help when it’s monster hair cutting time. Grab the kid scissors and get snipping!

Step 4: Glue on the eyeball.

Done. Now make a whole brood of them and drink up!

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Printable Cup Sleeves

new cupThe world needs more nice people in it, don’t you think? I love receiving fun surprises – either in the mail or on my doorstep. And I need to be better about going out of my way to make other people smile. Since the USPS frowns upon mailing a hot, comforting beverage, these will have be used strictly for cute doorstep drop-off gifts. I fixed up these simple ceramic travel cups with a printable cup sleeve and I think they’ll do just fine. Leave some spiced apple cider along with some cute office supplies for your favorite teacher or office buddy.

Cup 3How about some hot cocoa (with marshmallows, of course!) together with an inspirational book and a fun nail color for a friend who’s feeling a little discouraged? Hot chocolate is the liquid equivalent of a warm hug, and who can pass up a pep talk in a brightly colored book? I know just reading the title of the book makes me giggle. It’s sure to work wonders on a bad mood.

Cup 2I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in case you haven’t heard, cold and flu season is here, my friends. Arm yourselves with plenty of cough drops and hot liquids at the ready. Disperse them liberally to friends and neighbors who are under the weather, along with chicken soup, of course.

And to help you pass out some cups of cheer, I created some printable cup sleeves for you. Simply print, cut and tape them to you cups. Then hit the road and make someone’s day a little better.

Cup Sleeve

Note: These ceramic cups of mine are  insulated, so the sleeves are completely unnecessary and serve no purpose, besides looking cute. If you need something to protect hands from the heat, you might want to use these on top of a corrugated cup sleeve. You know, safety first.

Cup Sleeves-01click on the image above to download the free printable cup sleeves.

And have a great day!

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Halloween Hair Clips

When I decided to start a new blog, I chose not to bring over all of the content from the old one. I’ll leave it up as an archive of sorts. I am, however, going to do a series called Friday Favorites. I’ll bring over some of my favorite posts and most popular projects so they can join me here my new home.

Halloween Hair Clips copyFor my first Friday Favorites post, I’m bringing back the Halloween Hair clip. Charlotte will be five this year. Her birthday is on Halloween, so it’s an extra special day. She gets excited when she sees Halloween merchandise at the store because she knows her birthday is close. To help build the excitement, I like to squeeze in as much Halloween fun as possible during the month of October.

A couple years ago, I happened to be making a batch of hair clips on the same day as we broke out our Halloween box. So I thought I might as well glue a couple spiders and bats to the clips as well. She thinks they’re pretty cool to wear to preschool, and I don’t blame her. If I could pull off a hair clip, I’d totally go for a creepy spider in my hair.

Here’s how we made them:

Halloween Hair Clips 1Gather your supplies:

  • Plain hair clips
  • Ribbon (grosgrain works best)
  • Hot glue + hot glue gun (not pictured)
  • Plastic spider rings (or bats or eyeballs, etc.)
  • Scissors (not pictured)


Halloween Hair Clips 2Step 1: Use hot glue to cover the clip with ribbon


Halloween Hair Clips 3Step 2: Cut the spiders (or other creatures) off the rings

Step 3: Glue spider to hair clip

Step 4: After glue cools, put the clip in your hair and give your friends a fright


Halloween Hair Clips copyI think they’d make great Halloween party favors, or maybe a fun prize for the preschool Halloween parade; but however you use them, they’re sure to be a hit!

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