Monster Birthday Party

Monster Party Table

This week’s Friday Favorite post is a throwback to the monster birthday party I threw for Charlotte’s third birthday. I knew this would probably the last year of a non-princess-themed birthday party for a while (I was right), so I went with a monster theme as a nod to her Halloween birthday. We played some monster games, did an art project and had monster-themed snacks. Of all the parties I’ve thrown, this had to be the easiest. Scary easy. 

Monster Juice Boxes

I made juice box monsters as part of our snack. If you want to make some of your own, check out the tutorial post I did recently. The best part about these guys is that you can prep them really far in advance since they don’t need to be refrigerated. Just fix ’em up and forget about ’em until party time.

Monster Cupcakes
We ate monster cupcakes, which I decorated with a star piping tips as “fur” and some simple rolled fondant for the eyes, horns and fangs. I made them all the same, two horns and one eye, but alternated the color of fur an horns. That way I didn’t have to referee fights over who got the one with the bow, or the one with the spikes. After all the cupcakes were licked clean, we moved on to party games.

Beanbag Toss
For our activity, we played a monster beanbag toss game. I designed a vinyl banner for the game, and sent it to my commercial press for production. The best part of using vinyl is that I didn’t have to worry about fraying. I cut the hole, and that’s it–no sewing or glueing, or fussing about. The stand, however, was a bit of a circus. I made it out of PVC pipe, and I should have watched some YouTube tutorials on cutting PVC, because it wasn’t my finest moment. I’ve since moved out of state, so hopefully my neighbors will eventually forget all the clanging and swearing that took place in my garage that night. The frame comes apart easily, and the vinyl rolls up for storage. I’ve taken this game to many school parties because it’s so easy to transport and take down. I made the bean bags out of dollar store knit gloves and a bag of navy beans.

Monster Art
Our next activity was a monster art project. I just passed out the paper and some markers and let them scribble away. Then I helped them draw on some arms and legs while they glued on the eyeballs.

Favor Bags


The kids went wild over the Monster Adoption Center, which was inspired by one I’d pinned years ago. I did this in addition to a simple party favor bag. Favor bags were just small colorful paper bags with a giant eyeball glued on. I made the monsters out of socks from the dollar section at Michaels, and they ended up costing about 25¢ each. Next week, I’ve got a tutorial planed, along with a way you can make a bunch of these little monsters for a really good cause. So don’t miss it.  

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