Holiday Wreaths (that don’t suck)

Are your halls decked yet? ‘Tis the season, right? Well, ’tis also the season of ugly wreaths. They’re everywhere–the hardware store, the grocery store, the convenience store. Or maybe I just don’t hang out at very classy places. That could be the problem, right there. But every time I turn around I see that same dreadful plastic interpretation of a red velvet bow. It’s smashed and awkward, and tethered to a crispy-looking pine wreath.

Then there’s the glitzy, overdone cousin to the dried-up, crusty wreath. It’s covered in glitter and fake poinsettia blooms, tied with a poofy bow and usually has a jingle bell or two thrown in for good measure. Sometimes these ugly wreaths are real. Sometimes they’re “realistic” plastic pine-scented monstrosities. The one thing they have in common: they’re terrible.

I’ve searched high and low to find the best non-sucky holiday wreaths so we can all deck our halls in style.  Without further ado, I present to you the Great Wreath Round-Up of 2014. Holiday Wreaths


All of these can be left up into the New Year, as more of a “winter wreath” due to the lack of jingle bells or santa hats. However, these are simple enough you could easily add a bow (the non-plastic type, preferably) or a tasteful woodland creature or some mini bottle brush trees here and there like that cute little number on the cover of this month’s Martha Stewart Living

Many of these would make great DIY projects if you have some spare time on your hands. The spray painted pinecones or some yarn-wrapped sticks would be simple enough to do, but let’s face it: we can’t do it all. So save yourself some time and pick up a great wreath to start your December off with a healthy, non-tacky dose of festivity. 

Here’s a shopping list to get you started:

And with that, I wish you a Happy Monday and a Happy December! I’m really dreading getting back into the swing of things after a long Thanksgiving vacation. Good luck to us all! 

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