Happy New Year!

Am I the only one having a hard time kicking it back into gear today? I really enjoyed the holidays this year. Ours were action-packed and filled with family, fun and minimal drama. So it’s especially hard to return to the rhythm of normal life after such a great break.

I’m sitting here with my blank January calendar page staring at me with all its potential. It’s a little overwhelming. I’m not a big resolution person anymore. I do like goals, though. Most of the time I set goals monthly, so they’re more forgiving and fluid…they don’t seem as rigid as an official “resolution.”  I’ve got a list for January. (Like finish that book I started over a year ago, and exercise–because it’s January, and that’s what people do). I also have a couple goals for the year. They’re more like words I’m going to focus on: Kindness and Creativity

January Goals

I want to be more kind. To people I know and love, and people I don’t know at all. I’ve got some fun ideas and projects in mind to help make the world a nicer place, and I’m so excited to get started. I love the notion that even a little kindness can go a long way. Here’s an example: I was in the drive-thru at Starbucks a couple months ago. I’d had an exhausting day and the kids were bickering in the back seat. When I pulled up to the window, I was informed that the people in front of me paid for my order. I offered to do the same for the folks behind me; and the cashier told me that it had been going on for about two hours. One small act started a chain of kindness, and completely changed my outlook for the day. 

I want to be more creative. True, I do a lot of “creative” projects for people. But most of the time, I’m taking something a client gives me–a logo, an invitation, a business card, etc. and re-creating it. I’ve become a master at creating things that are inspired by other things, but I miss creating things that are completely my own. I feel stifled at times; scared at others. I love what I do, and the clients I work with; but I’m missing a creative element that’s essential to who I am. I’ve decided to start drawing again. I’m not an artist…I’m more of a doodler. I don’t draw people or paint landscapes. I do fiddle around with patterns and palettes, though; and even though it’s scary to put my work out there, I’ve decided to give my etsy shop a complete overhaul. I’ll be launching new products that are more “me” every month. I’m excited. And terrified. But mostly excited. 


January Quote

I combined my goals of kindness and creativity into a little freebie for the month. I’ve got a little screensaver/desktop wallpaper and a printable quote. {Click on the image above for the free printable quote; and the screensaver is available at the bottom of this post in a variety of different sizes.} It’s a sweet reminder from Mother Teresa that small acts of kindness done with love can make a big impact. It features a pattern I drew (by hand!) and then imported to my computer…so hooray for a fresh new year full of potential and exciting new projects! 

I’m also spouting off about the New Year over at Wayfair. Check out my tips for digital organizing; and download a free desktop calendar I created exclusively for my pals at Wayfair. Happy New Year! 

Screensaver Download

Fullscreen Monitors:

Widescreen Monitors: 

Tablet/Mobile Devices:

I’m sure most of you are familiar with installing screensavers/wallpaper photos, but leave a comment here or email me with questions. I realize I didn’t list all possible screen sizes; but there’s a pretty good variety here. So just pick the size that’s closest to your screen and give it a go. I’m sure there will be a few kinks I have to work out with this process…so let me know if you find anything that’s not working. Have a great day!

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