Happy Holidays!

Christmas Card 2014-03

Happy Holidays from my family to yours! Most of our Christmas cards have arrived at their final destinations, so I’m finally getting it posted here. This year’s card was as close to a “real” family photo as we’ve gotten in years. Kind of like a Sharpie Selfie. Is that a thing? I’m making it a thing. Everyone drew a quick self-portrait and styled their own outfits. I did overrule Hudson’s sweatpants and made him put on jeans. So this is us…just the way we are. Minus sweatpants. I think everyone did such a great job with their selfies. But Nolan’s is by far my favorite. He loves The Nightmare Before Christmas, and I can’t help but think his “smile” in the photo looks an awful lot like Jack Skellington.

Christmas 2014On the back, I did a silly little check box/fill-in-the-blank greeting. Every year I think I’m out of ideas for our card, and somehow I pull it off at the last minute. I’m sure one of these years I’ll hit rock bottom and won’t come up with anything, but part of the fun is the last minute panic when I scurry around trying to make a card happen. Who knew Christmas Cards were such an adventure? I guess everything’s an adventure when you’re a procrastinator.

Christmas Card 2013While we’re talking about Christmas Cards, let’s take a little walk down memory lane. I haven’t shared any of our past cards on my new blog…so here are a few from recent years. The newspaper christmas card of 2013 was uncomfortably close to a newsletter for me. I solved that problem by  making fun of each member of our family. And this was a super easy way out, because I didn’t have to take anyone’s photo for this card. I just dug through our archives from the year and pulled out a decent one of everyone. No worrying about matching outfits, or who’s looking at the camera and who’s picking their nose.

Christmas 2012And  this Comic Book Card from 2012. Again, I successfully avoided having to take a group photo, all while sharing a bit about each member of our family. Avoiding a family photo is kind of the whole point for me. Plus, I like to add a little silliness to our cards. If you can’t tell, we’re not a very serious bunch. 

Happy New Year, friends! I’m signing out for the rest of the year, so I’ll see you again in 2015!

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