Gift Guides: Tweens + Teens

I don’t have any tweens or teens of my own, but I do have several on my list. I’ve gathered a bunch of great surprises that probably aren’t on their official list, but things they’re sure to love. 


Tweens and Teens - Girls

For the girls:

  • Chucks: Sure to produce a squeal of delight.
  • Hair Ties: wins when it comes to coolness. Everything there is perfect for the girls on your list. 
  • Totally Tote: Perfect for sleepovers or school days.
  • Little Women: I love everything by Rifle Paper Company. These gorgeous covers make me want to read some of my old favorites again. Plus, books always make the very best gifts. 
  • BFF Friendship Pendant: Besties + Flapper Girls = Win
  • Cool Cuff: Speak her language. And let her know you think she’s cool, even when she’s not at home, she’ll have a reminder around her wrist. 
  • Wishbone Necklace: When I was in middle school, statement necklaces were my “thing.” Give her a great one with this large wishbone necklace. Plus, it’s made by Wen, my pal in California. Read all about her work in an interview I did a while back. 
  • Printed Pencils: Get a funny or inspirational saying, or have some custom engraved. Homework’s not so bad when you’ve got an awesome pencil.
  • Heart Tattoo: Tattly has made almost every single gift guide I’ve done this season, except for the babies…but you could tat them up, too, if you like. I won’t judge. But this one’s designed by Anna Rifle Bond, who also painted that gorgeous book cover. 
  • Emoji Stickers: Even when their battery’s running low they can heart-eye things IRL. 
  • Phone Case: For obvious reasons. You can’t have a phone case that clashes with your shoes. Duh.
  • Tumbler: I totally want this. I’ve been looking for a way to sneak diet coke into church and my volunteer days at school for years. This is the perfect disguise. But teens. They’ll love it too. If they don’t you can always “borrow” it from them.

Tweens and Teens - Boys
And now for the guys:

  • Hungry Shirt: I sincerely love Thug Life so much. I have a couple of their shirts and many more on my wish list. Young dudes will love them, too.
  • Turntable: Super awesome. And this one does extra-fancy tricks. Plug it in, and convert all those musical masterpieces to digital files. 
  • Wooden Watch: Because even guys like awesome accessories. Even if they don’t say so.
  • Shoot the Moon Game: This is an old-school game, dating back from the 1940’s. My grandparents used to have this game, and it was one of my favorites when we’d go visit. Introduce a little non-electronic gaming to your kids and see what happens.
  • Slinky Tattoo: I think temporary tattoos make great stocking stuffers…love this one!
  • Hoodie: This is one gift he’s sure to use frequently. Comfy and stylish. Perfect combination.
  • Awkward Moment Game: These years are awkward, right? Help them have a little fun with all the awkwardness.
  • Duct Tape Wallet: Sneak in a little craft time with this duct tape wallet kit. The end result is something they’ll love (and you don’t have to hang on the fridge!)
  • Bicycle Shirt: Happy Family Shop has so many great tees for everyone in the family. This is just one of my favorites.
  • Great Minds Puzzles: Also something I used to do at my grandparents’ house. These are mildly addictive. So watch out. 

And if you missed my other gift guides this week, be sure to check them out. I’ve got one for Babies, and Kids. And tomorrow I’ve got an easy holiday recipe + your chance to win a $500 Wayfair gift card. Stay tuned!

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