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This gift guide was especially fun to put together since all of my kids fit into this category. This list is a combination of things we currently have and love, things I plan on getting my kids, and things that are on my wish list for them. Instead of doing a specific girls/boys gift guide, I combined all of my favorite items here. It seems like every year, Bryce and I get more and more sick of all the obnoxious plastic toys that seem to multiply like rabbits. We’re taking a little different approach to Christmas this year; and giving family gifts (things they can all play together), activities/classes that the kids want to sign up for, and things they need (like new shoes, etc.). Of course, there will still be some of the things they ask Santa for, but for the most part, we’re staying away from most of the plastic garbage and the electronics.  2014 Gift Guide - Kids So here’s a shopping list if you’re in the same boat as I am (the haven’t-started-shopping-yet boat). 

  • What’s That Stand For?  Play Station: I’ve been looking like something like this for quite some time. The stand comes with different signs and curtains to change around, and there are storage shelves in the back. It’s compact and versatile, and everyone in the family will love playing here.
  • Cutah Shirt: I saw this at a holiday boutique last week and knew my kids needed it. Hooray for shopping local! The only problem is that it comes in a California version, too. Since all my kids were born in California, and we live in Utah now, I’m kind of in a pickle as to which state I should pick. Probably both.
  • Let’s Rock! Geode Kit: We’re a bunch of science lovers here. Honestly, I’d love this kit for myself. 
  • Native Slip-ons: Just as functional as crocs, only more stylish. Nolan had a pair of these last summer and I loved everything about them. They’re breathable, hose-offable, and they pass the puddle-jumping test with flying colors. BONUS! They’re on sale!
  • Freezy Dream Ice Cream Truck: Play tents are the best. We’ve got a school bus that was a hand-me-down from our besties in California. It’s entertained many kids for many hours; and it’s still one of our most-loved toys. 
  • Heart Shirt: I love peppering in a few gifts that they actually need…like new clothes. 
  • New Pajamas: It’s our Christmas Eve tradition. And these from J. Crew are adorable. Confession: If anybody’s getting pjs from J. Crew, it’s gonna be me. I’ll probably buy theirs at Old Navy or Target. But these are pretty darn perfect.
  • Scooter: While winter may not be the best time of year for an outside toy, it’s a great time to give some of those larger items you’d end up buying in the summer anyway. Kind of like you’re saving yourself money six months from now. 
  • Crazy Face Game: Creative, quiet, and comes in its own storage case. Every parent’s dream come true. 
  • Classic Pull Sled: Since they probably won’t be able to use their new scooters in the snow, maybe throw in a classic sled, too. It’s stylish enough that you can prop it up in the corner as a sport decor piece when it’s not being used. 
  • Play Outside Instead: I love giving art prints as gifts, too. Maybe more a gift for me, because I get to check an item off my “decorate their room” list, too. But still adorable. And this one does double duty. Every time your 8-year-old begs to play Minecraft, simply point to the sign. Save yourself the repeated refusals. 
  • YesterGear Plush Boombox: Another double-duty toy here. Part plush plaything, part bedroom decor. Everybody wins.
  • Rock Candy Art Print: Everything I said about the art print above. Plus this one is so darn cute. I kind of want to hang it in my kitchen. 
  • Junior Lumberjack Blocks: I sang their praises back at Thanksgiving; but these things are in heavy rotation around my house. We all love playing with them. They’re perfect for all thee of my kids (ages 2, 5, 8). And I like building with them too. (age 29*)

Stocking Stuffers - Kids

For the most part, the stocking stuffers at our house are things they need: toothbrushes, toothpaste (lots of dental goodies), new socks & undies, but I like to throw in a few surprises too. Here are some I’ve got my eye on: 

  • Twist Bands: Non-ouchy hair elastics for my daughter. For those rare occasions she’ll let me pull her hair back. 
  • Cubebot: I’ve seen these guys everywhere lately. And I think they’re awesome. They’d be great on car trips, or in restaurants, and they’re easy to toss in your purse just in case. 
  • Watch: Cool and useful. 
  • Tattly Sets: Temporary tattoos are my kids very favorite. And I love each and every design at Tattly. So I can’t complain if my kids are all tatted up if it’s stylish and temporary. 
  • 23-Hour Diner Order Pad: I would have looooved this as a kid. Pretty sure my kids will go nuts over it, too.
  • Monster Mini Markers: Cute, and colorful. I love them.
  • Harmonica: Isn’t it a rite of passage to get a harmonica in your stocking at some point? Pretty sure it is. Check the Handbook of Childhood. Pretty sure there’s an entire section on harmonicas in it. 
  • MatchStick Memory Game: Everybody loves a good memory game. And this one’s got circular pieces, and it’s portable…yay!

OK, that’s it for today. Check out my Baby Gift Guide from yesterday. Up tomorrow: Tweens & Teens. I swear today’s the day I’ll start my shopping. I hope. 

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