Christmas Tags

Christmas Tags2I’m not a Black Friday person. I prefer to stay home, in my pj’s all day, hibernating and reading a nice, long book. In fact, I’m a really last-minute Christmas person. I probably won’t even start thinking about it for another week or two. Every year I swear I’m going to get things done early. And every year I don’t. I don’t have a clue what we’re doing for our Christmas card; I’m still trying to convince the kids that they shouldn’t ask Santa for every stupid toy they see in every stupid commercial. And Heaven forbid I actually wrap any gifts before Christmas Eve. That would make my life way too easy; and we can’t have that. But the one small victory I’ve had this year is that I made some Christmas tags BEFORE the month of December. 
Christmas TagsThese colors have officially become my color palette for Christmas 2014. Bright, happy, and festive at the same time. I used these colors for my Tiny Prints Holiday Party, which I’ll be sharing with you soon! And I loved this color combination so much I decided to incorporate it into my Christmas products for my shop as well as my holiday home decor. I love it when things just happen like that. 

Christmas Tags 3I love adding a little humor to gift-giving. And keeping a stash of cute tags handy is one of my holiday secret weapons. Slap one of these bad boys on a plate of store-bought cookies and you look like you really went the extra mile. Fool people into thinking you’ve really got your act together with great presentation. Unless you actually have your act together. Then I both applaud and hate you at the same time. The tags will be available in my etsy shop next week, as well as at my parents’ office supply store. Get them while supplies are available! 

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