2015 Printable Calendar

How’s your holiday prep coming along? I’m still paddling along trying to get everything done. Now that the kids are out of school, I’m not making much progress. And I’m really glad I decided to take it easy on myself and buy treats for the neighbor gifts this year, rather than make them. At this point, I’m all about every shortcut I can take. So I’m offering you a shortcut, too!
2015 Printable CalendarCalendars are the perfect one-size-fits-all gift for the last minute. Plus, you don’t have to find parking at the mall, or schlep the kids along with you…because that’s fun. Print them out and take them to your neighbors with a plate of store-bought cookies. Or use it as a thank you gift for the mail carrier or that UPS guy who’s done all the heavy lifting. I went with a really simple, modern look this year that should be a good fit for just about anyone left on your gift list. 

2015 Printable CalendarSimply print them out on card stock, cut them in quarters, add a snazzy clip of your choice and ta-da! Done. Grab yourself a Christmas cookie with one hand and pat yourself on the back with the other, because that calendar you just gave away was both useful and inexpensive (ahem, free). So everyone wins. 

2015 Printable Calendar

Download the free printable calendar here, and get some stuff checked off that to-do list! 

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